Need internet to restore Vista bootloader

  Simon Sudbury 10:36 27 Oct 2010


Fist post so sorry it's so long! Gist is that I used the main tutorial to install XP with Vista 32 preinstalled.

Managed to finally install XP using nLite etc but now I have another serious problem. Stage 3 of the dual boot tutorial requires that I download and install Easy BCD to restore the Vista bootloader but I can't do that as XP does not have internet access. All my broadband connections and set up are with Vista!!

Is there any way I can download the prog on someone elses PC and then somehow burn to CD which I can then run on my PC?

If not can I use my Vista CD (never needed this before as Vista was preinstalled) to restore the bootloader?

Even if I restore Vista bootloader is it possible to use XP as well as Vista to connect to the internet? How would that be accomplished?

It's just a bit chicken and egg when the tut says "Once XP is up and running, download and install Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0 and EasyBCD.."when you have no internet access!!

Finally, I tried the prog that I wanted to run on XP and got an application error. "This application failed to initiate properly, 0xc0000135 click OK to terminate the application" Does this suggest that progs won't run on XP until Vistaboot loader is restored?? (This prog was on my D Drive which is the spare HDD). Understand that this is because I haven't downloaded .Net Framework 2 but without internet I can't get this either.

Apologies for the length of this but it's really one step forward and three steps back now!!

Many thanks again


  gengiscant 10:39 27 Oct 2010

No reason why you cannot download to a USB drive and install from that.

  Simon Sudbury 10:42 27 Oct 2010


Can you advise how connecting the USB drive would connect to my internet connection in these circumstances.

Sorry to be thick

  gengiscant 10:51 27 Oct 2010

Sorry, I meant on another PC. You are obviously connected to the web now, unless you are using a smart phone or something.

My apologies If I am missing something.

  Simon Sudbury 11:04 27 Oct 2010

Sorry, my misunderstanding. I am in work now so should be working!!

I've never installed progs from a USB drive before. In my circumstances would the prog be automatically installed in XP?

Just out of interest does everyone have this problem when they dual boot?(Vista pre installed and then XP)

Thanks again


  gengiscant 11:30 27 Oct 2010

The program will install on whatever O/S you have booted to.
I am assuming that you have installed all your motherboard drivers after you installed XP, which should take care or your internet access problems.

  Simon Sudbury 11:43 27 Oct 2010

Many thanks again

No I just installed the OS and SP3 from my CD and then SATA driver which I slipstreamed with nLite.

I'm pretty sure that the network driver will be missing (yellow icon). I know it's chicken and egg again but how will I download these with no internet?



  gengiscant 12:21 27 Oct 2010

You will need to know your motherboard make and model and go to the makers website and download the Chipset drivers from there. again you can put them on a USB drive.

I am I right in thinking you cannot boot your PC at all or can you boot to Vista and/or XP?

  Simon Sudbury 12:43 27 Oct 2010

Hi Again

Will try the USB route as indicated. My status is that I can boot to XP but not Vista as I need Easy BCD to restore the Vista bootloader.

The dual boot tut I followed was click here

I just think you follow it to the letter, get to the end and then find you can't access the internet to complete the process.



  gengiscant 12:57 27 Oct 2010

As I said download your motherboard drivers and Easy BCD to a USB drive and install from the drive.
This is no different from installing software from a free CD given out by many PC magazines or installing a game from a CD/DVD.

  Simon Sudbury 13:08 27 Oct 2010

Many thanks

Will try and report back

Thanks for your time


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