Need an honest review on this computer and an estimate please

  Alfred1992 13:45 12 Aug 2011

Hi I'm just wondering how much I could sell this computer for, I bought it for 650 pounds around 2010 November. Just wanting to know what your estimates would be on it now.

Here are some pictures of my specs.

I am getting Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit tonight, so I can use my specs to the full potential.

I would like an honest price on this computer on how much its worth, would be great if you could give me an estimate. Thanks, Alfred.

  chub_tor 15:43 12 Aug 2011

I don't know about others but your first image would not download and the second one merely shows that the graphics is a Radeon HD4600. Maybe if you posted the specs instead of putting them in an image we could give you an answer. When you bought it did the price include the monitor, keyboard, speakers and mouse? Are you selling it with those items?

  Alfred1992 23:59 12 Aug 2011

Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit

Processor: AMD Phenom II X4 955 Processor (4 CPU's Quad Core), ~ 3.2GHz Memory: 4096MB Ram

DirectX version: DirectX 11

Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 4670 - 1GB


20" HD Monitor included 1680 x 1050 Mouse Keyboard And a logitech Speaker set (Comes with bass). Galaxy III Black case

  chub_tor 07:48 13 Aug 2011

You don't say how big a hard drive you have but this PC has 1Tb and is similar to yours, add £130 for Win 7 64bit Ultimate OEM and you are looking around £500-£600 for a brand spanking new machine with one year warranty. Now look at this guy Click Here trying to sell a used X2 core machine, lower spec than yours but it is complete and he is not getting any bids at £150. Knowing all that I think that realistically you will be lucky to get £350 for yours. It will be interesting to see what others think, many will have more experience than me with selling used machines.

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