Need honest opinion of my site

  Madpad_001 18:04 05 Jun 2004

Hi, I have just designed and built a web site for my wife and wounld like your opinion of it and if there is any impovements that i can make.
the address is click here

  Charence 19:58 05 Jun 2004

It doesn't fit my screen. It's too wide! Maybe make the width slightly less to prevent horizontal scrolling. This problem occurs on HOME and FAQ. Rest of website is fine!


  Madpad_001 23:18 05 Jun 2004

Can I please ask what screen resolution you are using and what is the best resolution to use when building sites???

  Madpad_001 23:28 05 Jun 2004

Done some amendments to the site so it should be better now.

  Charence 23:30 05 Jun 2004

My resolution is 1024x768. Most new screens support this resolution. And I think it is quite a common size because most 15" LCD monitors use this.

My website statistics show:

640x480 - 1.2%

800x600 - 45.75%

1024x768 - 20.3%

1152x864 - 22.3%

1280x768 - 22.1%

Hope this helps


  Charence 23:32 05 Jun 2004

The problem I mentioned earlier are still present. I recommend designing a website for 800x600 screens.


  Madpad_001 23:33 05 Jun 2004

thanks Charence will contune to work on it tomorrow thanks for your help

  Charence 23:33 05 Jun 2004

for my post with the statistics

1152x864 - 12.3%


  PurplePenny 00:59 06 Jun 2004

If you keep your layout fluid you don't need to design to a particular screen size or resolution - it will expand and contract to fit.

Something on your home page is, as Charence says, making it too wide for a 1024 screen so it is going to be even worse on 800. We probably need Taran to look at this, he'll spot the culprit stright away but I suspect that it might be your bees and tulips gif. Try making that into a percentage (say 80%) instead of a fixed pixel width.

I think that you need to rewrite the homepage wording - "doing these fairies" really doesn't sound very nice! How about "creating these fairies" - sounds much more artistic.

"a bit of success in selling them" is rather negative, just say that they are being sold via eBay - no-one needs to know how successful the sales are!


  Madpad_001 11:02 06 Jun 2004

Hopfully it shound look much better now let me know thanks

  phil 11:41 06 Jun 2004

I was going to comment yesterday that the width of your headline 'welcome to acacia tree fairies' was the cause of the overwide page but I'm glad to see that has now been corrected.

Now sort out the text below that. Punctuation, capitalisation and grammar all need looking at.

The background to the buttons at the foot of the page also need some work done on it to rid them of the slightly lighter shade of blue.

You can then turn your attention to the gallery page. Make it conform to the rest of the site and also get shot of the plain table borders, it looks amateurish.

Finally, if your wife regularly trades on eBay then why not put the button linking directly to her page on the front of the site. It's of no real use on an internal page.
Make it open in a new window too so that visitors can keep the original site open without using the back button..

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