Need help with web counter

  jg1990 19:10 01 Feb 2004


I have recently created a site and put a counter on it, it works great, but, when i add then save stuff to the orginal files in mutltiplies.

Someone please help!!



  Falkyrn 19:53 01 Feb 2004

get rid of the counter ......

In all seriousness the information supplied by your counter is woefully inaccurate as you have discovered. If you need to track the number of visitors to your site (or lack of them) the information that can be provided by your Domain Provider is far more accurate.

  Falkyrn 20:02 01 Feb 2004

That posting on re reading comes across very badly .....

with a simple html counter each viewing of a page makes the numbers rise and depending on the set up of your site this could easily give rise to false readings. Other activities as you have discovered do the same.

One possible solution would be to replace the page with the counter code each time you ftp files to your site.

However as i said originally you may wish to consider other methods of recording the figures as counters are considered quite naff nowadays.

  jg1990 20:13 01 Feb 2004

Thanks for your replies.

The counter is for soemone I am designing a site for so it's nolt really up to me if there is a counter or not. Is there any solution to stop it from mulitplying



  Taran 22:29 01 Feb 2004

Most counter scripts can be set to any vaue you like, which is another one of many excellent reasons why not to use one.

Depending on the script you are using, there should be details in its setup files on how to configure it.

Normally you can set the counter to any number you choose.

I'd suggest you take note of the page counter number when you visit the site to make alterations, then when you upload the altered page[s] you reset the counter script to one value below it's last reading, which will remove the count of your last visit to the site to alter it, and make sure you upload the counter script [reset to the correct value] when you upload the altered files.

Perhaps if you mentioned the script you are using someone could advise more thoroughly.

  Forum Editor 00:50 02 Feb 2004

for whom you're designing the site against having the hit counter.

They're the Internet equivalent of a shell suit.

  The GnoMe 07:45 02 Feb 2004

shell suit..........all right...all right....calm down.........
..whats wrong with shell suits! ha ha only joking couldn't resist as i'm from L'pool

ha ha

  PurplePenny 10:52 02 Feb 2004

Hit counters are seriously naff, FE is spot on with the shell suit! What does it tell a visitor? If the count is low it indicates that no-one visits the site; if the count is high it may just be that someone has reset the counter to make it seem as though hundreds of people have been there.

Either way why should anyone care how many other people have visited the site? All that matters to a visitor is whether the site as what they want.

If the person for whom you are creating the site wants a counter for statistics then it will be inaccurate. They can get accurate statistics from their web site's host.


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