need help using ethernet switch

  polishdrumsticks 10:08 01 Jun 2009

i need some help using a 10/100mbps ethernet switch.
basically i have a wired LAN set up at home. all connections are taken on the router downstairs and i want to connect both my pc and nintendo wii to the ethernet wall point in my room.
i bought an ethernet switch as i was told this was the thing to do. i am using straight ethernet cables and connected the switch to the ethernet wall point using the link port on the switch. when i connect the pc to the switch the light comes on on the switch but i cannot access the internet. the wii doesn't work either.
what am i doing wrong?
any help is very much appreciated!

  DieSse 10:34 01 Jun 2009

Try not using the link port on the switch.

The link port is usually for concatenating devices and probably needs a crossover cable when doing so.

  polishdrumsticks 11:27 01 Jun 2009

thanks but i have already tried that and it doesn't work either. do you think i need to get a crossover cable?

  DieSse 13:57 01 Jun 2009

Maybe that's the answer then.

  T0SH 14:25 01 Jun 2009

Most modern ethernet switches have built in support for Auto MDI/MDIX function

thereby eliminating the need for crossover cables or uplink ports

Cheers HC

  logoff 23:06 01 Jun 2009

Where is your room? Upstairs probably. If so you may need to install a wallplate downstairs and another upstairs connected by a crossover cable.

Cables to and from the wallplates should be normal Cat 5e types I think.

I am just about to do this myself so have looked it up!

Good luck.

  polishdrumsticks 12:49 02 Jun 2009

already done all of that as well. the connection to my room upstairs works fine, just that presently i have to unplug the wii when i want to use the pc online and vice versa.

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