Need help upgrading my RAM for Presario 2100

  robolist 13:56 12 Aug 2010

Hi there people,

I would very much appreciate it I someone can help me. I have antique laptop which is the Compaq Presario 2100. I have to use it for now as my last one was stolen, so I am stuck with it for the time being. Anyway I really need some advice about upgrading it, I have tried asking in the shops but its not easy because I am now currently living in Phuket, Thailand and I am English and don’t speak Thai.

I currently have 2 x 256MB RAM and I am on the verge of throwing out of the window because it is slower than a granny who needs a hip replacement.

I have been told that I can ONLY upgrade it to 2 x 512MB RAM… Is this the truth? Can I not put 1 x 1GB in one slot and keep 1 x 256MB in the other?

Also I have found several different RAM pieces which differ in price quite considerably. For example one 1 x 1GB was selling at 900THB and another was selling at 1800THB. I don’t want to be ripped off so please can you tell me the exact brands and model numbers that will go into my laptop? I would be very grateful for any advice on this matter and will be happy to buy anyone a drink if they are ever on holiday in Phuket in exchange for this advice.

While I am here I might as well ask the other questions I have regarding this hunk of junk laptop. How can I upgrade the USB from 1.0 to 2.0? also there seems to be another slot for something on the bottom. Is this to insert a wifi card?

Many thanks in advance guys.

Kind regards,

  VoG II 14:03 12 Aug 2010

Try the scanner or Advisor click here

  northumbria61 14:19 12 Aug 2010

You can also try this - click here

  keef66 16:04 12 Aug 2010

If the motherboard is USB 1.0 you can't upgrade the built-in ports. If it has a card slot you could get a USB 2.0 card to give you a couple of extra, faster ports (as long as the operating system is Win XP SP2 or better).

If there's a slot on the bottom, I think it's likely to be a connector for a docking station. Card slots are usually round the sides.

  keef66 16:12 12 Aug 2010

According to the Crucial site it's a max of 512mb per slot, and a stick of 512mb costs just short of £30, so £60 to upgrade the whole thing to 1gb. Sounds a lot to spend on an old lappy

To put that into perspective I have a colleague who's son is selling 2 new celeron based / vista laptops for £225 a pop.

  keef66 16:16 12 Aug 2010

details from the crucial site to compare with yr local options

Module Size: 512MB
Package: 200-pin SODIMM
Feature: DDR PC2700
Specs: DDR PC2700 • CL=2.5 • Unbuffered • NON-ECC • DDR333 • 2.5V •

  robolist 04:58 13 Aug 2010

Hey guys thanks so much for all your replies... You have been a great help...

It is however very annoying that I can't upgrade to 1GB or even 2GB... Do you know what will happen if i did put a 1GB card in? woulld it fry my laptop?

  keef66 16:04 16 Aug 2010

Either it won't work at all or it won't recognise half of the RAM

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