Need Help With Upgrading CPU Fan

  Real_FFF 03:09 21 Apr 2015

Hello. Recently I bought a motherboard, and it didn't come with a mount that works with my CPU fan. I was thinking I'd buy an aftermarket CPU fan and someone could suggest one that will work. I just want functionality for less than $30 hopefully. Previously: "I messed around on my Windows 8 preinstalled computer and tried to install windows 7 while windows 8 was running. This moved Windows 7 files to Windows (old) directory I think, and the computer restarted. At this point I found out that the computer can not boot to other operating systems or BIOS/Boot Manager. (Either BIOS, etc is on motherboard or the computer is stuck in hybrid sleeping and I can't get boot manager to open without going into Windows 8 which I can not do. I think getting a new motherboard will fix this, and that's what a local computer place recommended even though I was hoping they'd just fix it using the hard drive, but they seemed to be the go exactly by the manual old type of company that didn't have time to look into Widnows 8 or listen to my problem. (I thought if they installed Windows 8 on the HDD, it could boot to the OS and they could fix it eventually, but they said that my motherboard is going out(Which is 100% not the problem unless installing Windows 7 broke the motherboard))

I have a Lenovo H430 with an Intel i3 quad core (3rd gen I think), my own graphics card and 750 watt PSU(I think). Can anyone recommend me a compatible motherboard for around (or under)$60-$80 just to get it functioning in a standard way. " "Everything is at its defaults for Lenovo H430 except for the Graphics card and PSU. Graphics card is Zotac GTX 660. PSU is Antec VP450, so 450W. I have been gaming on this computer for a year and a half, and it is completely fine. CPU is Intel i3, as said in the previous post as well as OP. Intel i3-3220. I believe I only have 2 sticks of RAM.
Thank you for the time you've given me. " I ended up getting an MSI B75MA-P45 motherboard.

Thank you to anyone who helps me.

  Real_FFF 02:04 24 Apr 2015

Bump. Sorry, I need help.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:35 24 Apr 2015

Changing the motherboard is unlikely to help as windows will not boot as it will not have the drivers for the new board.

You have messed up the boot files on the hard drive trying to install Windows 7 (windows does not like trying to install an older system than the one already installed).

Are there any files on the machine you desperately need? If not then a clean install is probably the best bet at this stage. HAve you tried tapping F11 at power up to see if it will access the factory restore options?

Did you make recovery media for the machine?

  Real_FFF 21:37 25 Apr 2015

You're misunderstanding the problem. There is no boot manager on a windows 8 machine. I got a fresh motherboard that will have a boot manager on deck, and I need a cpu fan. Any recommendations for a cpu fan?

  wee eddie 22:24 25 Apr 2015

Real FFF. That's not actually what you said.

You need a CPU Fan. You're not over clocked. Buy one. If it doesn't work. Buy another one.

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