Need Help Uninstalling ASPI Layer

  Amry 11:50 01 Mar 2003

As the title suggest, I need help uninstalling an ASPI Layer-thingie...

I used to work with some programs who insist on having an ASPI Layer, and I used to install ForceASPI or something. That particular layer includes a batch file, KILL.BAT, which enabled me to uninstall the ASPI layer if I want to.

Recently, I downloaded a new ASPI layer from click here and installed it. But woe is me! That particularly F$£%*£FSF (swear words) piece of sotware messed up some of my more important programs, so I want to uninstall it. But there's no entry in the Uninstall menu, and the whole thing doesn't have an uninstall.exe file.

Which begets the question : how do I uninstall it? I *can* just delete the files installed, but based on my experience with Windows, I don't think that's a good idea. Any suggestions?

Oh, by the way, I'm running Windows XP SP1. Anyone who managed to rid me of this software will be awarded riches beyond their imagination and shall have the hand of the my daughter, the Princess *lol*.

  jazzypop 12:57 01 Mar 2003

See click here for a discussion and a .bat file that will do it automatically.

  Amry 13:41 01 Mar 2003

Yahoo!!! Problem solved. Thanks!!!

Ah... 'tis the day that my faith in humanity have been renewed.

  jazzypop 15:03 01 Mar 2003

Damn! Now I will have to break the bad news to my wife.

Shame really, we've got along quite nicely recently.

Ah well...


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