need help with specs ^_^

  sieggylee 20:02 25 Aug 2010

Hey guys, im looking for a pretty good pc that can play the latest games with ease like on here...

click here

The pc i wanna get is

Intel Quad Core Q8300 2.5ghz 1333mhz 4mb L2 Cache
2gb of DDR 2 800 Mhz Memory PC 6400
Asrock G31M-GS Motherboard Intel G31 Chipset
Nvidia 9400GT 1024mb Dedicated PCI Express Graphics Card.

Would i be able to upgrade it if it is not possible to play the game in the video?..Thanks guys

  Proclaimer 20:11 25 Aug 2010

I would suggest 4gb memory, preferably DDR3 and perhaps the ATI 5xxx series card for the latest games or a second hand NVidia GTX285 if cash is an issue

  sieggylee 20:16 25 Aug 2010

so that pc cannot play that quality on the video?? :-(.man that sucks.I have a budget of about 300 quid.any suggestions?

  Proclaimer 20:26 25 Aug 2010

It may play the games but not with full graphic options switched on.

  sieggylee 20:30 25 Aug 2010

ok thanks...looking at this video tho he is playing it on what looks like a low spec pc.Would it be able to play like this atleast?
click here

  sieggylee 20:32 25 Aug 2010

and sorry i forgot to also ask...your first email Proclaimer, would that motherboard be able to use 4gb mem DDR3 and either of those graphic long as the motherboard can then i can always upgrade it later on ^_^

  Proclaimer 20:37 25 Aug 2010

Actually, that board will not take DDR3. It will accept the PCI-e x16 Graphics Card.

As for the video, it will play that clip but when it comes to playing that game, it will struggle.

  sieggylee 20:45 25 Aug 2010

hmmm...ok.what about this pc

AthlonII 64 Quad CoreX4 AM3 635{11.6Ghz}
Asrock N68C-S Motherboard AMD AM3 AND DDR3 COMBINATION

I know thegraphic card might not be all that but the motherboard has got to be better right?.So this can play it Proclaimer?...the game that is...not the clip lol

  Proclaimer 21:05 25 Aug 2010

OK, that CPU is not 11ghz, it will be 2.9 ghz, and that is ok.

I think that 7025 chip is running about 400mhz, so not fast. The board does have the PCI Express x 16 slot so you can add a dedicated GPU later. And it takes DDR3, so that is good too.

  sieggylee 21:15 25 Aug 2010

so its ok then?..sweet...but looking at this site kinda worries me.
click here

the cpu is AM3 so i dont have to worry about the AM2 right?
And if i read it right it can use the 4gig DDR3 coz of the CPU which is AM3 correct and the max is 8gig memory?.

Plus i should get a windows 64bit OS?

Thanks for all your help Proclaimer.

  Proclaimer 21:38 25 Aug 2010

The board will support both the AM2 and AM3 architecture, the main difference being support for the AM3 processors' integrated memory controller, which supports DDR3 memory in addition to DDR2. The AM2 did not support DDR3.

As for the OS, if you buy Windows 7 Retail you will get both the x32 and the x64 bit discs in the box. I use x64 and new games run perfectly well on that OS in my rig.

The benefit of the x64 OS is that you can then add more than 4gb of memory to the system. The x32 OS will only support 4 gb memory. The board you reference will support 8gb.

Win 7 though if I recall correctly will use about 1.5gb memory just to load up. (it will run with just 1gb mem on the system but their definition of 'run' and my definition of run is quite different) So perhaps if you do not play very old games, then x64 is the way ahead.

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