Need help to seperate mp3 tracks

  TommyRed 13:13 06 Jun 2004

Have a number of albums which if transferred to CD would just play as 1 track. I need to break the albums down into individual tracks but don't know how. I have the Nero trial version until the end of the month but the help sections are disabled. The tutorials don't explain it, in Wave Editor. What I need is a tutorial just for this or someone to explain who has done it, previous posts click here and click here . TR

  Tony uk 13:21 06 Jun 2004

Tommyred if you go here i think you'll find what your looking for click here

or here click here

  Fruit Bat 13:29 06 Jun 2004

1 Load Big track into NWE.

2 Play track until reach end of first song.

3 click on track at this point and wipe mouse back to start. (track turns blue on white).

4. Click edit /cut (big track is now shorter)

5. click new (new NWE window opens)

6. Click paste (your 1st song is new track)

7 save track with file name of your first song.

8 back to big track and repeat for each song.


  TommyRed 15:23 06 Jun 2004

Thanks, will try these out. TR

  krypt1c 16:07 06 Jun 2004

Get a copy of CD Wave from click here [about 2 pages down]. This will read in your single wav file and split it into individual wav files. You can rename & save these to the relevant title, then convert them to mp3 format.

  TommyRed 17:11 06 Jun 2004

Tried your solution, as I already had Nero Wave Editor, and it worked a treat after a few mishaps. Thanks all, TR

  TommyRed 19:20 06 Jun 2004

Will get CD Wave, it'll do when Nero demo finishes, thanks. TR

  TommyRed 21:01 06 Jun 2004

Tried CD Wave, what I liked was I didn't have to listen to the tracks in real time, before I split them, maybe you don't have to do it with Nero but I never found out how. TR

  OU812 17:53 07 Jun 2004

Just posting to bookmark since this is something that has vexed me too

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