Need help ripping and burning a multimedia disk

  connorflewitt 14:33 25 Apr 2015

I have got a math tutor disk that a friend has lent to me, he wants it back soon and has asked me to save it onto the laptop. The disk contains videos and documents and also links to websites that seem to be only available when the disk is inserted .

I need someone to guide me through the process with the end goal being that I can access all of the features of the disk without the physical disk.

I have mounted games into the past through downloading ISO files from torrent sites, so am fairly familiar with the process, If I could save the contents onto the laptop in order to burn to a new disk for me to keep that would be ideal.

Please any help would be brilliant as I am using these disks to get me through a level maths.

Thank you in advance.


  Ian in Northampton 14:57 25 Apr 2015

Why can't you just burn an ISO from your friend's disk, then unpack it and burn it to another disk? Am I missing something?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:06 25 Apr 2015
  1. They are probably copy write so its illegal to copy them.

  2. they may well be encrypted to prevent copying.

  3. Imageburn makes images to the hard drive which you then burn to a new disk as an iso file

  connorflewitt 16:57 25 Apr 2015

Hey Ian,

the process you have described sounds promising. Would you be able to tell me how to burn an ISO ? (I have burned to DVDs in the past but never a data disk so MAY need help with that) I have got a copy of Nero 7 if that helps.

i'm not sure if you are missing something, I have given all of the info I see necessary, if you want me to elaborate on anything I would be happy to :)

And hey Fruit Bat !

The disks I have acquired are blank disks that have been burned onto, not the original disks, therefore I am assuming that there is not a data protection encryption included.

Do you think I will be able to do this with Nero ? or imageburn ?

Thank you for your patience fellas !


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:05 25 Apr 2015

If no copy write protection then its a simple method of copying the disk with what evr burning software you use, Nero with definitely do it.

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