need help restoring xp os using back up discs

  martd77 09:39 05 Nov 2006

we have been given a p4 2.0ghz pc for my lad which came from pc world 4yr xp home
when i got the system,it wasnt working,boot up errors etc so i put in the 2 back up discs which seem to do the job but when the pc boots i get the error "windows cannot find the file pci.sys it is either corrupt or missing please recover using the cd"and i get the same message relating to not been able to find the "isa pnp sys file"doesnt matter how many times i redo the os i have the same faults
What can i do? seem to be stuck with this fault?
any help appreciated

  birdface 09:49 05 Nov 2006

Try, Start ,Run,Type in sfc /scannow A gap between sfc and forward slash, You may be prompted to put boot up disc in,Let it run,Have you tried ,Going into safe mode and running system restore, Or run in last good configuration,If you can try any of them,I am sure someone with a bit more knowledge on the subject will be able to help you shortly.

  birdface 09:51 05 Nov 2006

If not sure how to start in safe mode. When computer starts, Just keep tapping on F8, That should do it.

  martd77 09:57 05 Nov 2006

cant get the pc that far it comes up with the error straight after post and the only way out is to press escape which just reboots with a different error

  Technotiger 10:02 05 Nov 2006

Hi, probably not what you want to hear, but - I would suggest a full re-install of xp, with original disk.

Cheers, and good luck anyway.

  birdface 10:08 05 Nov 2006

Will it not start in safe mode either,

  martd77 10:09 05 Nov 2006

thanks but the discs supplied are back up discs and as such as far as i am aware even if i went and bought a new xp disc it will not work because the bios is tied to the two back up discs?
I think this is how it works and thats why i would never buy one of these crappin pc world systems

  birdface 10:13 05 Nov 2006

One of the back up discs Should be for reformating, And the other for tools drivers etc.

  birdface 10:22 05 Nov 2006

Sorry I cant be of mutch help.Only trying to think of things that could help, Until someone with some knowledge of your problem came on, They will be able to give you proper advice, If we can get them out of their beds,

  martd77 10:35 05 Nov 2006

cheers but when i put the discs in its "norton ghost" that does the back up,i wonder if some of the files are kept in the hard drive in a seperate partition and if these get corrupt then its not gonna work from the discs
no it will not go into safe mode

  thms 10:54 05 Nov 2006

If norton ghost is doing the back up then this is an image created by the previous owner not the original restore discs.

It would appear that the image may have been corrupted. As you say the original restore files are kept on a partition on your hdd. I think you would need the original discs to access them though.

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