Need help resolving server replication problems

  trents 05:05 28 May 2013

I'm a noob at all this. Been taking a class at the local community college dealing with setting up and configuring Windows Server 2008. Unfortunately, my basic networking background is deficient.

At home I have been trying to repeat the lab exercises we do in class so I have set up a Win Server 2008 domain controller behind the router using VM Player and also a secondary (backup) server for the same forest and same domain. The VM Player Tools bridged option is activated for both machines. Ivp.6 is disabled for both machines.

Now, the two servers can ping each other and I can ping from either one. I can also browse the internet with IE from either machine.

The problem is, when I add roles to the primary server they are not being replicated in the secondary server.

Here are the numbers:

Router - IP:; DHCP Server: Enabled; Start IP: 192:168.11 [100]; Maximum DHCP Users: 50 (Note: I left the router DHCP service enabled for my clients, an XP Pro VM and a Win 7 VM. Both clients have the IP, Subnet and Default Gateway set to auto but the Preferred DNS manually set to the IP of the primary domain controller and the Alternate DNS set to the IP of the secondary controller. But that's not germane to the replication issue I don't think.).

Primar Server - IP:; Subnet:; Def. Gateway:; Preferred DNS:; Alternate DNS:

Secondary Server - IP:; Subnet:; Def. Gateway:; Preferred DNS:; Alt. DNS:

Note that the DNS of the primary server points to itself while the Primary DNS of the secondary server points to the IP of the primary server. I've also tried setting the preferred and althernate DNS of the secondary server to point to itself but that doesn't fix the problem.

Sorry for such a long post. What am I missing?

  trents 18:50 28 May 2013

Okay, I just learned from one of the IT instructors at the college that replication does not apply to roles but to AD information only such as OU's, groups, users and computers. Those things were indeed being replicated on my secondary server. So there was not a problem after all. Told you I was a noob.

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