need help quickly - wireless -limited connection

  smc1 18:43 25 Dec 2005

I got a new Dell Desktop computer for Christmas, and i wanted to have wireless internet to it. I already have a laptop and a desktop PC in the house which are linked wirelessly.

It was all working until i got a 'dialer' virus. I deleted the virus and it seemed to be since then it cannot get the internet on the new computer. I think it lost all the settings, which we've put back in and installed the BT disk again, but this hasn't helped. It's saying 'Limited Connectivity' and will not work, it's getting really annoying. Please feel free to ask questions to help correct this problem.

I was told to do this:

Open a Command Prompt window ("Start > Run", type CMD and click OK) and at the prompt, type:

IPCONFIG /ALL and press Enter.

This will display all of the adapters in the PC together with their details. You should see the network adapter that connects to the "host" PC by crossover cable. Now type:

IPCONFIG /RELEASE and press Enter.

This should release the IP addresses and set them to Now type:

IPCONFIG /RENEW and press Enter.

This should force the adapters whose addresses have been released to acquire them again and, with luck, you might get a 192.168.0.x address.

BUT, when i get to the step:

'IPCONFIG /RELEASE and press Enter'

It says it cannot do it because the Local Area Connection isn't on. But that's the whole problem. I need help as this is a Christmas present. Thanks to anyone who can help.

  Taff™ 21:23 25 Dec 2005

I would suggest you turn off all the computers, router (If you have one) and leave them for 10 minutes. Then turn on the Host PC first and establish an Internet connection. Then do the same with each of the others in turn. This should enable the correct IP addresses to be allocated to each computer in turn.

  Strawballs 23:02 25 Dec 2005

Taff if smc1 is using a router it will be the host

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