giggles1992 00:48 31 Dec 2009

I would like to know if anyone can help me ?

well here i go :)

i could not turn the pc on using the power button i had to take the connectors off the mother-board and i am now turning my pc on using a coin,


when i do things like go on webcam,play music,use the internet at the same time my pc freezes goes onto a blue screen saying "pyhiscal memory low" then restarts it self, i was woundering if anyone could tell me what is wrong with my pc

thanks alot


  The Potter 01:39 31 Dec 2009

Hey Daniel, I can't answer your question but I suggest you give some more detail and those that know will be able to help!

Turning your pc on with a coin?????????????? and talking about the mother board - suggests you have some knowledge but the rest of your post does not!

You obviously managed to get the operating system running (which one?) to run your web cam on. After that I'm lost! Either way, I doubt I can help but please give more info so knowledgable folk can, hey?


  james55 08:11 31 Dec 2009

Daniel if you can bypass the power button and get the computer running it would suggest the power button has packed in. Can't imagine what you are doing with the coin?


  jack 09:40 31 Dec 2009

-from what has already b een said.
Is that correct?
To clarify it further you seem to be bridging the points on the mother board- is that correct?

Ifso - then the simple answer would be to search
a catalogue of component suppliers such as

click here
for a suitable alternative.
You are unlikely to get an exact match- so some dexerity and imagination will be needed.

  Eric10 10:36 31 Dec 2009

Until such time as you are able to replace the power switch I would point out that if your case has a reset switch then this works in exactly the same way as the power switch. You could unplug it from the 'reset' pins on the motherboard and plug it onto the 'power switch' pins. Once that is done you will be able to switch the PC on by pressing the reset button.

For your other problem; is it possible that it could be as simple as your PC not having enough memory fitted? The amount of memory required depends on the operating system in use and you haven't told us what that is yet.

  robin_x 11:49 31 Dec 2009

My laptop died some years ago. A Compaq Armada. At first it was just the power button. Then the clock battery and the Volume Control Buttons.

I completely disassembled it, changed what I had to, and reassembled it.(not easy on laptops)

Very annoyed about the clock battery. Cost me £2 and still didnt work. Makes a very annoying loud beep when you boot up, and then you have to set the clock.

It sort of worked without a coin. Mains on/off would reboot it. And I did a clean install and just running Firefox. But it was pretty crap.
About good enough for forums. But YouTube was a bit hit and miss.

And I am also an electronic engineer and took full static precautions. And made notes of all the connectors and polarity. Oh well.

Gave up a few weeks ago and bought a new laptop.

It was 10 years old and been sitting in the wardrobe for 3 years.

  giggles1992 13:51 31 Dec 2009

well thanks for all the replys

well i am turning it on with a coin as i have no over way to turn it on if the conector is conected to the power switch pins it starts the pc beeps then switches off.

i am running window xp home SP3
i have 2gb DDR2 Ram

all the pins are working apart from Power and reset

if i open "msn" and "firefox" aswell as "Windows Media Player" the music sounds different almost computer like. then it freezes then a blue screen flashes saying "phyiscal memory low" then turns it self back on.

hope this is some help if not please ask me question and i will do my best to get back to you

Thanks alot


  woodchip 13:54 31 Dec 2009

Try running System Restore to a older date

  woodchip 13:56 31 Dec 2009

Try running System Restore to a older date.

PS once the Power Button as been pressed to start the computer the motherboard then takes over as the button does nothing other than what the coin does

  woodchip 13:58 31 Dec 2009

PS the button may be sticking so that it then turns the Motherboard off as after you press the button it makes the brakes the connection, whereas if it sticks on it will then shut the PC down. try some WD40 in the button

  giggles1992 14:20 31 Dec 2009

i have tried the things you said but it did nothing

so i give up guessing what is wrong,

i am going to buy a new motherboard,ram&case

if it not fixed then i give up and i will buy a whole new pc

Thanks anyway for all you help :)


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