need help with pc for son

  Super Frankie Lamps 20:09 10 Nov 2005

i want to get a pc for my son that he can watch tv on as well. he has a sky box in his bedroom already and a normal tv arial. what do i need in the system i buy to be able to use both of these for viewing through his pc screen. any advice of memory needed/screen size needed/ graphics cards.

thanks for your help.

  Skills 20:20 10 Nov 2005

To watch TV on his computer you will need to have a TV card installed in the PC they are not very expensive and if you dont want to get an internal one you can a USB offering.

As far as graphics card goes, it depends on what your son will use his PC for if he wants to play games on it or just word processing.

Memory at least 512MB although a gig is becoming more standard but again if its just going to be for word processing 512MB will be fine.

  stalion 20:22 10 Nov 2005

you need a tv pci card to slot in to your pc there is a good choice here they are also sold at pc world have a browse here different prices also get one with an aerial input and svideo in incase you want to connect a cam at a later time
click here

  Pooke 20:23 10 Nov 2005

If you say how much you want to spend you'll get some good recommendations of people here.

  Super Frankie Lamps 20:31 10 Nov 2005

ok, want to spend max £600. he will play games but not on internet, and won't be like doom or half life, which i understand need top notch gear. this is really a new pc/space saving operation. any recommendations ?

  Skills 20:48 10 Nov 2005

Sirius ST3

Intel 2.8 GHz
512 MB DDR400 Corsair Memory
ATI / EQS Deluxe Motherboard
52x32x52 CDRW OR 16x48 DVD ROM
ATI Radeon x300 PCI-Express Graphics 128MB!
Sony Floppy Drive
6 Channel Sound (5.1 Surround Sound)
8x USB2 Ports
Serial ATA
10/100 Ethernet LAN Adapter
Mini Tower Case
Logitech Multimedia Keyboard
Logitech Optical Mouse
Logitech Speakers

Optical Drive 16x48 DVD ROM (Free Option)
Operating System Windows XP Home(+£69)
Hard Disk Upgrade - Size: 120GB (+£19)
Monitor 17" 8ms TFT Screen (+£99)
TV Card Upgrade Internal Digital Freeview TV & Radio with Remote Control (+£59)

Price: £644.99 (Including: VAT at 17.5%)

Thats from cube247 click here theres a thread in the consumerwatch forum about them so far the feedback has been good. I suggest them as they only use top quality components. The system comes with a CRT as standard so I upgraded that to a TFT to save space and it only has an 80gig hard drive so I upgraded that also.

  Skills 20:55 10 Nov 2005

Heres the cube 247 thread click here

  woodchip 23:08 10 Nov 2005

Don't know but correct me If I am wrong, But I thought you needed a Scart for Sky

  Pooke 01:07 11 Nov 2005

woodchip, no you don't it can be used with a normal coax tv lead. Scart leads deliver the picture much much better though.

  DieSse 01:27 11 Nov 2005

Instead of a TV card in the PC - why not get a 17" TV/monitor instead.

Then the TV acts just as normal - usual connections - usual remote control - no need to switch on computer to watch TV - no need for seperate loudspeakers.

And it's just a normal monitor when you use the computer.

Several as a starter here click here lots more around everywhere.

Much the simpler, more flexible option, IMHO.

  Super Frankie Lamps 22:34 15 Nov 2005

cheers all, thanks for the help. might go with yor suggestion skills, looks good enough for my boy.

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