Need help with opening access file please 16:09 05 Nov 2010

Hello ,

We have few PC using Aceess 2003 and some using 2007 . They all on the same network sharing access to a PC acting as storage server . the problem is when sombody creat an access 2007 file and save it , other people who run and use 2003 can not open the file . According to the user , this new to experience as they were able to open MDB created by 2007 , by using access 2003 . Can sombody help please ?

Many thanks

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:14 05 Nov 2010

Yes, just be sure to save your Access 2007 document as an Access 2002-2003 document.

Office Logo (top left) > Save As > Office 2002 - 2003 16:33 05 Nov 2010

the MDB is the file format when saving as office 2002-2003

Any ideas ?

  Woolwell 16:40 05 Nov 2010

Office 2007 Access file format is accdb. Those using Office 2007 must save their database as mdb in order for the others to read it. You may have a problem if someone has closed the file and not saved it in the right format. It would be better if all had the same version of Access. 16:43 05 Nov 2010

Do you mean that the file format for 2002-2003 is accdb ? and not MDB ? . Im talking about saving the file using office 2007 to make other people open it with 2003 . 16:45 05 Nov 2010

Im bit confused , because I did say that they saved it using file format MDB which is 2002-2003 . tell me if Im wrong

  Woolwell 16:52 05 Nov 2010

Sorry I misunderstood you. You are saying that the 2007 users are saving as mdb but that the 2003 users cannot open it. Regret I cannot help with this but I am aware that that access and backwards compatibility can be a problem.

  skeletal 18:51 05 Nov 2010

To be clear: someone is using Access 2007 and saves a database in Access 2003 format; i.e. mdb.

This file cannot then be opened by someone with Access 2003.

Firstly, I agree with Woolwell, Access can get into a right mess when switching between versions. However, there are some things worth thinking about:

Does the database use any of 2007s extra features that won’t work in 2003?
Is there any VBA code?
Are there any macros?
Does the 2003 version open OK on the 2007 computer?
Is it a stand-alone db or are you linking tables; are the links broken so the 2003 computer cannot see the “back-end” but the 2007 computer can?
Have all computers got the latest service packs for their versions of Office?

Try “Compact and repair” in the 2007 computer before saving as 2003.

Then try a process of elimination; i.e. make a very simple db with a single, simple table in 2007 and see if that opens on the 2003 computer. Then import some of the stuff from the “dodgy” database into your new simple db and try again.

Keep going until the dodgy db won’t open in 2003 and this should hint at the thing that is causing the upset e.g. if a form stops it working and there is some code behind the form, perhaps it is using something not available to 2003.

Skeletal 20:19 05 Nov 2010

Hi Skeletal
Many thanks for your approach ! It seems that you are into database , I m providing this support to a charity and Im not a dattabase person , therfore I can deal or answer all of your quesions which looked very logical and realastic .I asked the team to creat a file just what you said to simulate the issue and they sent it to me me but I wonder if I could uploaded or send to you to check . I can ask them to do the repair thing or do it myself when i go there , however Im not sure about the rest .In fact I asked them to creat a databse file as a sample and give to me , and tried to open it using 2003 with no success .

I appreciate your help and skills

  skeletal 22:37 05 Nov 2010

I do get into dbs from time to time. IMO Access is the most powerful Office application, particularly when coupled with VBA. This leads to the big downside that it is also much harder to understand. And it has more than its fair share of oddities!

If you PM me (click the yellow envelope next to my name) we can exchange email addresses and you can then send me the db.

Another major Office irritation is that Outlook (my email app) does not like Access files and will block them (I’ve yet to find a way of turning this nonsense off; if anyone knows let me into the secret please!). The work-around is to change the file extension from .mdb to .txt, then zip the file, then change the .zip extension to .txt. Then email the txt file; I always use this trick when exchanging Access files.

I’m happy to have a play, but I won’t guarantee I can sort the problem.


  Woolwell 22:55 05 Nov 2010

zipping it is the only way I have found. The daft thing is that Outlook doesn't block Access 2007 file format accdb.

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