need help on my site

  djbenny 19:20 16 Apr 2006

hello i am using Jamroom on my website, but i dont like it i asked my friend to crewate me anotherscript but his too lazy i wondered if there wasany other scripts like it for bands to put their music on the net? click here

  djbenny 21:44 16 Apr 2006

no one can help

  De Marcus™ 23:39 16 Apr 2006

I'd politely suggest you start again with the design, layout, colour, spelling and general appeal of the site. I'm no DJ but I do know that your site isn't likely to attract many unsigned bands. The sort of site design and layout I think would suit your sort of site is shown click here

  djbenny 00:09 17 Apr 2006

but i cant code at all only html and javascript

  De Marcus™ 00:10 17 Apr 2006

Strangely, my last visit produced your homepage in german! A consequent visit produced what I thought to be a different page, but wasn't, just different content which was confusing because there were no visual markers to indicate I was on the homepage.

It aso takes a lonnnngggg time to fully load and that's on 10mb connection.

  djbenny 00:13 17 Apr 2006

yeah it does, but is there anywhere where i can find a code to upload music and make it play on a xml flash player and when its uploaded it auto adds it to the flash player


  De Marcus™ 00:13 17 Apr 2006

In today's day and age you don't need to be able to code. Templates are eailsy edited in wysiwyg editors.

  djbenny 00:15 17 Apr 2006

but i need to be able to make it do the flash player :D

  De Marcus™ 00:26 17 Apr 2006

If your serious about this website you need a 'proper' web designer. Your current design makes me wonder about the current designers abilities.

Editing flash is simple enough, but doing it tastefully is another matter. Let the world take a turn and decide if this is something you really want to do.

At present your site is unappealing to me, let alone a band that wants a wide public audience, so consider your options.

  djbenny 00:28 17 Apr 2006

i know i at the moment dont have a web designer i have asked for one to code me a site but they are lazy lol, and his my mate he said he'd get it done soon so i'm ,hoping for that cheers anyway for the help

  djbenny 15:56 18 Apr 2006

where can i find a script for uploading files?

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