Need help with MBS

  fice 01:38 06 May 2007

Can anyone help please. I have had a bill pop up on my screen from MBS. I am not aware that I have signed up for anything. I am always very carefull not to sign up for anything and if anything is going to be charged for I cancel the page prior to agreeing anything. What can I do to stop the pop ups and does anyone know what happens with MBS. I have sent them and e-mail telling them that I have not signed up with them. Are they a scam or genuine. Even if I had to pay anything I don't want to put any details on their site as they have obviously signed me up to something with out my agreement. Have any of you had issues with MBS and if so did you have to pay them or do they just go away. I am really worried.


  Forum Editor 02:15 06 May 2007

1. go into system restore via Accessories (under all programs on the Start menu).

2. Select the option to restore your computer to an earlier time. Choose a rstore point that is further back than the time when you first saw the pop-up.

3. Let Windows proceed with the system restore.

4. When that's finished, go into the Control Panel and select 'System' .Click on System Restore then use the check box on there to switch off system restore, apply, wait for it to happen, and then do the same in reverse so that system restore is switched back on. By doing this you'll remove all your restore points, and you should see no more pop-ups.

Do nothing more.

  Nellie2 02:15 06 May 2007

Hello fice

There is a thread here about MBS click here and an article in the Guardian recently about the same too click here

Hope that helps.

  beeuuem 02:16 06 May 2007

You are not alone.
Look at these threads which also give advice.
click here
click here
click here
click here

  fice 08:50 06 May 2007

Forum Editor

I have followed yiour advice but for some reason I have not have arestore point prior to 6/5. I will try some different pop up blockers as advised to other people with this problem. Please let me know if you have any more ideas. What happens to MBS I don't think I owe them anythign can they keep sending me bills or even take me to court?



  cocteau48 09:11 06 May 2007

Go to the third thread down in beeuuem's 02:16 posting above - find the posting on that thread by fhiufhyrefyer and work through it.
I have never had the dreaded MBS popups but have read the threads with interest and the above remedy seems to have been the answer for most people.
Hope you get rid of it.

  fice 19:47 07 May 2007

hi everyone. I just wanted to say thanks for the help. I followed what was suggested by cocteau48 and did what fhiufhyrefyer suggested in his posting. I now have no more problems.

Thanks everyone.

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