Need help installing Mandriva linux

  kelemvor 20:33 25 May 2008

Hi, I'm new to linux and wanted to find a fairly simple distribution to start with and thought that mandriva would be as good as any.

I am trying to boot with an iso file that I downloaded from the mandriva site - I extracted the files from the iso file and burned them to disk. I then tried to boot up my laptop using this disk. (nb one problem that I have is that my boot sequence and bios generally are locked so I can't change the boot sequence that way until I get hold of a password from dell - I have been able to force an option for a 'one time' boot option where I can select my cdrom).

Anyway, I have selected cdrom via this method but XP still seems to boot up first with no sign of mandriva install starting at all.

I'm not sure if this is entirely a boot sequence problem or if I'm not using the correct files to install - I don't think you can boot from an iso file, you have to extract the files first don't you???

Anyway, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, this is starting to bug me now!

  [email protected] 20:46 25 May 2008

Burn the iso,dont extract from it.
Then boot from the newly created disk presuming its a live cd iso.

  kelemvor 20:49 25 May 2008

yes it's a live cd. I'll try it from the iso thanks

  skidzy 20:49 25 May 2008

From my experiences with Linux,the easiest by far is PCLinuxos 2007.

Some advice and tips here click here

Though best to run from the live cd first,even if its to learn your way around it.

If your machine wont boot from the cd,your a little stuck.

use Imgburn to burn the iso,no need to extract anything.

  skidzy 20:50 25 May 2008

HI Raven :-)

Sorry didnt mean to double post your thoughts,forgot to refresh while looking for my link Lol.

  kelemvor 20:57 25 May 2008

I tried the iso and it didn't boot either so I guess I have to wait for dell.

Skidzy, I may give PClinuxos a try sometime, though I think ubuntu might be installable without a disk so I'll give that a try first.

Thanks both

  [email protected] 21:32 25 May 2008

Hi skidzy hope your well-:)
never owned a dell,but it does seem strange you cant select boot from....without a password.

  skidzy 21:44 25 May 2008

The only thing i can think of regarding the Dell bios password,is that someone has set this up.

I have two Dell machines here,and the default password if enabled is DELL.

There are ways that may reset the password but done so at user's here

  T0SH 22:04 25 May 2008

Have you tried pressing F12 at the Dell splash screen (when you see the prompt F2 to enter setup) it should get you to a menu where you can choose to boot from CD although if a BIOS password is set it may not show this option

Cheers HC

  kelemvor 22:06 25 May 2008

Cheers skidzy I've been looking at that type of thing all day and I don't think that my model of laptop (dell d520) allows for some of the jerry rigging that can be performed on older models. I'll see what the password does - I got the laptop through a third party company so providing they haven't put their own password on there I guess I'll have to speak to dell.

I really shouldn't have tried this on a bank holiday weekend - I'm quite eager to try linux now, but have to wait til tuesday for helpline staff to go back to work !! Maybe I should just go to the pub :0)

  kelemvor 22:09 25 May 2008

Tosh - I did that and got given a choice of usb/cdrom etc for booting, but even when I selected one of them I still couldn't get linux to install - so i'm not quite sure if this is simply a booting issue, but seems like the first port of call as far as i can see

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