Need help installing a DVR-105 (Pioneer)

  princesplaff 17:45 13 Jul 2003

Just got a Pioneer DVR-105 DVD recorder. Got it OEM so there's no software/paperwork.
I run Windows 98.
I have plugged it in (sound/power/cable), yet on boot up the BIOS says "none" against secondary slave (I have just pulled out a DVD player which it recognised ok).
Find new hardware doesn't find anything. I have had a peek at the BIOS but I really don't know what to do (don't want to muck things up)
Short of checking the connections, is there any way of making the PC recognise the drive. I had a look at the system set-up in control panel and there were no conflicts/problems.

Thank you.

  Stuartli 17:55 13 Jul 2003

The standard Windows driver should be perfectly adequate for the DVR-105; perhaps you have not connected the leads firmly/correctly or the IDE cable has become loose at the motherboard during the changeover.

As the DVD-ROM drive worked without problems the switch should have been straightforward.

Also the jumper should be set to Master and any other drive, such as a CD/DVD-ROM, set to Slave.

  princesplaff 18:47 13 Jul 2003

Thanks for the tips, Stuartli. I checked the m/b connection, seemed ok, I had forgotten about the jumper settings. Changed the jupers to the correct setting (the middle of 5) but still the same result. No recognition.


  Stuartli 21:30 13 Jul 2003

The middle of five? Usually the Master is the first setting.

  princesplaff 23:48 13 Jul 2003

I already have a CD-r that is the master, I took out an old DVD player that was the slave. Are you suggesting I make the DVD recorder the master and the old CD-r the slave?

  Megatyte 04:30 14 Jul 2003

The jumper should be on the second position.

Starting from the left of the IDE connection...

1 - Master

2 - Slave

3 - Cable Select

4 - Reserved

5 - Reserved


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