Need help with IE6 - acts crazy!

  omegareport 07:47 29 Jan 2003

When it opens a new window (except for ads!) the window is transparent, hourglass keeps running, but no download, no throughput. I can't uninstall it or reinstall it. Repair doesn't work. Is there anything short of formatting the HDD and cursing the day Bill Gates was ever born? (They want $250 US for a phone call!)

  Tog 07:55 29 Jan 2003

Have you got SP1?

  Gongoozler 07:59 29 Jan 2003

omegareport, you don't say what your operating system is, but there are some good suggestions on this site click here

  omegareport 17:57 29 Jan 2003

I've faithfully gotten all the recommended updates and am running Win 98SE on a Compaq Presario 5400 450-Mhz w/356Mb RAM.
Odd, I can create a new window myself - with CONTROL-N, and I can cut and paste a URL to go to a new location without opening a new window, as I would have to do with Gongoozler's link - but I can't just click on it and have it open up by itself.

  VoG™ 18:44 29 Jan 2003


Copy this, paste into the address bar, deleter the space after // and click Go.

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