Need help to identify hard drive type

  MrNewName 11:56 17 Nov 2009

I've just taken a hard drive out of a Sony mini laptop which is about 6 years old and will not boot. I wanted to put the hard drive into an enclosure to get the data from it but I cannot find out what kind of connection I need.

There is a photo of the connection end of the drive here: click here

Can anyone tell me what sort of enclosure I need; it seems to be neither sata nor IDE.

Cheers, Kevin

  gazzaho 14:59 17 Nov 2009

It could be a 50 pin SCSI check here (click here) and (click here) but to be honest I'm guessing. Are there no labels on the drive that you could use to google the drive for more detailed information?

  johndrew 15:01 17 Nov 2009

What is the identity (part number) of the laptop?

It is difficult to be certain, but I think this is what you want click here

  spargo 15:17 17 Nov 2009

Use ome of these and connect it to your desktop machine. click here

  Why wont it work 15:18 17 Nov 2009

If the hard drive has a model number on it, that would help us confirm the connector type. I have a feeling it looks like a standard laptop IDE connector though- possibly with some kind of adapter attached(?). Usually laptop hard drives have a standard connection, it's just the laptop manufacturer hook those connections up in different ways.. (just to be confusing).

  woodchip 16:34 17 Nov 2009

it looks like a standard laptop IDE connector

Thats what thought

  johndrew 11:14 18 Nov 2009

You are correct Woodchip click here

But I still think the enclosure is correct.

  MrNewName 21:08 18 Nov 2009

Turns out I need an adaptor as at click here

Thanks for the suggestions.

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