Need Help ! Funny things happened ....

  ProfessorX 00:13 10 Jan 2004

i am running win xp. some funny things happened tonite. The desktop background (wallpaper) & all the desktop icons are rotated 90 degree anti-clockwise.I shut down the PC & restart it after 10mins, but everything being the same (still rotated).Anyway to rotate it back to normal ??FYI, the welcome page (to click & select user) also 90deg rotated :( pls help, thank you

  bvw in bristol 00:16 10 Jan 2004

Your monitor has fallen over? :o)

  johnnyrocker 00:19 10 Jan 2004

;)) ;))


  johnnyrocker 00:20 10 Jan 2004

seriously though why do you not just do a system restore to last known good working point?


  hugh-265156 00:24 10 Jan 2004

what graphics card do you have?

im only familiar with ati cards.if you have an ati card click:

start/control panel/performance and maintenance/display/settings/advanced/rotation

this was available in older using latest ones and do not have that feature anymore though.

  ProfessorX 00:35 10 Jan 2004

intel internal build graphic card. i try to go to the short cut as u stated, but can't get any 'rotation' . anyway, thanks 4 yr advice

  johnnyrocker 00:38 10 Jan 2004

best bet system restore.


  Irishman 00:39 10 Jan 2004

Is there a portrait or landscape mode available when you right click on the desktop and select properties?

  ProfessorX 00:45 10 Jan 2004

no selection available either for portrait or landscape as i do what u suggested.Just thinking, if it can turned/rotated ,sure it will be some way to solve it out rather than to restore the system again (my last choice ...:(

  hugh-265156 00:50 10 Jan 2004

what graphics card do you have?

ati with an old driver,see link above.

nvidia card click here

  johnnyrocker 00:52 10 Jan 2004



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