Need help with fitting CD-RW.

  Tesla 10:41 29 Mar 2003

Please can some kind soul offer some advice in fitting a RW i want to get it right first time.
I have mobo with 2 IDE so need to know which channel to add it to and then wether to make it master or slave.Second do i need to change BIOS or will this happen auto.Next up,i have XP Pro and don't know what this will do (or not)when it sees the drive,drive is not listed under Microsoft approved hardware.Drive is Liteon 52-24-52.Thanks and hope i havn't spoiled your cornflakes!

  User-312386 10:47 29 Mar 2003

Here is the easiest way

If you do not have anything fitted to IDE2 then fit the cd-rw to this, the cd-rw drives are normally set to master, so you will not have to worry about that

You do not have to do anything in the BIOS and XP will handle everything for you

If you do have anything on IDE2 please advise


  Tesla 11:30 29 Mar 2003

thanks for your reply.

Yes i have HDD on one channel and CD-Rom on other,i don't know which device it is best for RW to share a channel with,i've read different things.


  MPete 11:39 29 Mar 2003

best to keep it seperate.

Move the cd drive to the hard drive cable plug it into the end of the hard drive cable.

Plug the cdrw drive into the new cable that came with it. Is this drive ATA 66 or higher? If it is don't do above.... Mistake.. Plug the cdrw drive in on the end of the new cable and the old drive cd into the middle...

  STEVE71163 11:43 29 Mar 2003

Hi Tesla,
I fitted the same re-writer yesterday and all is working fine.(£52.00) All you have to do if you have it on the same channel as the cd rom as i have is make sure that the jumpers are set one on master and the other on slave and windows will automatically reconise the new drive and then just load the nero software and off yo go!


  MPete 11:46 29 Mar 2003

Here i'll explain Cd drives are only ATA 33 and putting them sharing with a hard drive that's ATA 66 or higher will slow the hard drive down to half it was. It will always default to the slowest speed of the slowest device reguardless of the cable used. The 80 pin cable will not save you here. So if it's a high speed drive keep it on it's own channl and put both ATA 33 cd machines on a new cable. CDRRW last because you will always have the cd which you need to work in a emegency first so it should still work even if you kill the operating system and need to reinstall from the cd drive.

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