Need help finding the right Laptop!

  Fenghuang 08:02 24 Jun 2008

I am looking to buy a laptop and feel like i'm drowning in the amount of infomation i am having to take in just to make basic decisions about what i want.
I have finally got a basic idea of what i will need but could do with help from knowledgeable people on the best model for me.

Size - I am going to be travelling with it for at least a year so i need it to be small or light weight.
Gaming - I really enjoy computer games and would like a machine that will be capable of running games at a good quality.
Hard Drive - I will need lots of Memory as i will be storing lots of image and video content on it (also modern games take killer memory).
Battery life - as I will be travelling i will need a reliable battery life 2hrs+ if i can.
Screen - I would want a good quality Display for enhanced gameplay enjoyment.
Cost - Not a massive problem but I would like it to be good value for what i'm getting.

I have had a bad experience purchasing my last desktop, so i am being extra careful to get exactly what i want this time. Any help, advice or experience would be most welcome :D

  crosstrainer 08:21 24 Jun 2008

A true quality gaming laptop does are a few ideas:

click here|2313306549

click here

click here

There is a large difference in price, but these will cope with most things you can throw at them....Don't be tempted by the £399 variety...they just are not up to the job.

  Fenghuang 22:06 24 Jun 2008

Cheers for those they sparked a new "indepth" learning session. One question is the M15X the best 15.4" Laptop we are gonna see for a while or is there something newer in the works soon to be released?

  crosstrainer 05:49 25 Jun 2008

Sadly, there will be others available that are better soon, then after that...Still more.

If you wait for the best, you will naever have it...It's the way things go :)

@ the moment it's certainly top.

  ronalddonald 07:35 25 Jun 2008

tried click here

you they do some great laptops and you can get some without an operating system or with.

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