Need help external hardrive broke :(

  Total_Sabotage 19:43 22 Jul 2008

Hey there i dropped ,my external hardrive yesterday and its not working a wierd noise is coming from it like a f1 car starting i was wondering if i took it into pc world or somewhere would they be able to extract the files from it and put it onto another hardrive?

  MsTechie 19:52 22 Jul 2008

This might sound crazy but it does work, wrap it up securely in 2 or 3 plastic bags then put it in the freezer over night, next day plug it in to your computer and retrieve data as quickly as possible before it warms up.

I used to be a Technician at PC World a few years ago and from experience with a few stores around the country I doubt they would be able to help

  iqs 08:44 23 Jul 2008

But how does that work MsTechie?????.Cheers

  Technotiger 08:52 23 Jul 2008

Commercial extraction of data from a damaged hard drive to a new hard drive is I believe, a very expensive business!

  MsTechie 20:31 23 Jul 2008

Its something to do with the read/write heads (reading and writing data to and from the HDD)
They shrink as they freeze making data more accessible, but as they warm up you are back to square one, so it needs to be done as quickly as possible.
I usually use this technique when the HDD comes up with read/write errors and makes a griding/clicking noise but I'd also give it a go in your situation too.

  [email protected] 20:38 23 Jul 2008

excuse me for busting in to your thread Total_Sabotage, but i have a toshiba HDD, thats giving a code10 error in device manager, could you other PC advisor users advise me weather the files will be recoverable???

  MsTechie 20:47 23 Jul 2008

Is it a USB drive? if so it might be conflicting with other USB devices, in device manager right click and uninstall then physically unplug the drive, restart the computer, then plug in the USB HDD and let it reinstall.
This is one of many possible solutions but one that I would try first.

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