Need help with a Digital HiNote VP700

  walters2000 11:57 09 Apr 2004

Purchased a Digital HiNote VP700 from EBay about 4 weeks ago. I had only a couple of minor problems with it when it arrived and those were quickly sorted out by the seller.

Unfortuntely last week the laptop which is running Windows 98 stopped responding (got to the log in screen but no further). Managed to get scan disk working and it informed me I had bad sectors.

Disk was fixed but when I reinstalled Windows my computer know refues to let Windows use more than 8inch of the 13inch screen. Found some drivers for it from the internet but none of them seem to work, please help.

  Diodorus Siculus 12:04 09 Apr 2004

Try checking the resolution; it could be set too low.

Right click on desktop and choose properties. Then display settings and then bump up the resolution one notch (say to 640 x 800) and try that.

  walters2000 12:11 09 Apr 2004

Tried to change resolution but he laptop is failing to recognise the Monitor on the system. It is returning to default monitor and will not go above 640x480 and 16 colours.

  Diodorus Siculus 14:08 09 Apr 2004

Do you have the correct drivers for the display and for the graphics card?

  walters2000 14:17 09 Apr 2004

Oops sorry though I put that in my first post I found some drivers from the internet that were supposed to work with the Laptop but when I have tried them the Display Adapter works but it still fails to recognise the Monitor.

  Diodorus Siculus 17:22 09 Apr 2004

walters2000 - yes, it was in the first posting but I was not sure if you had the drivers for both the monitor and the graphics card.

It might help to remove both and reboot - Windows might pick up the correct ones then.

  walters2000 01:20 10 Apr 2004

Afraid not just tried it know all it will do is install

Default Monitor, Standard PCI Graphics Adapter (VGA).

Wouldn't mind if I could get it off 640x480.

  Diodorus Siculus 09:03 10 Apr 2004

Try click here#
Aida32 - it may tell you what graphics adaptor you have. Or look on the net for the HiNote manual.

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