need help with computer upgrade

  avatar2011 12:03 15 Jan 2011

hi everyone

im not very good with computers so need some advice. I have a very old computer it is a emachines e4056 pentium 4 3.06ghz 3.07ghz 368mb of ram (not very good i know) running xp. I run a few programs called fruity loops 9 with alot of of plugins and a midi keyboard and also just got cubase. i have not even bothered installing cubase yet as it cant handle fruity loops with added plugins. So would i be able to buy another tower and link it somehow to the one i have?. I have seen a tower for sale it has a dual core 2 and 80gb and 2gb ram. I went into *!@:y world (pcworld) to get some advice, and told the guy about the tower i had seen for sale he said it was complete rubbish and dual core 2 would not be able to handle the programs he said i needed 500gb 4gb ram asus motherboard with a pny invidia quadro fx 580(what ever that is) m-audio sound card and a i7 that is the only setup that will run it im so confused! so any advice would help thank you

  961 12:49 15 Jan 2011

Don't buy a tower to link to the one you have. If you buy another ensure it will do what you want by itself

You don't say if the tower you describe is new or secondhand but in any event a dual core 2 (Speed?) with 2gb ram should be fine although an 80Gb hard drive is very small which leads me to think this is a second hand unit. It will need a good video card and sound card but does not need an i7 processor

Requirements for cubase can be found here
click here

You'll do better trawling forums re cubase and fruity loops rather than asking at PCW

Or come back here

  woodchip 13:05 15 Jan 2011

PC World are not going to recommend any other, than there own computers

  avatar2011 13:26 15 Jan 2011

thank you 961 the tower is secondhand, ill keep looking for one with a bigger hard drive, as looking at cuebase requirements 250+ should be ok?
glad daul core 2 is good enough because the price of i7 is very high ive only £200 quid to spare

  avatar2011 13:28 15 Jan 2011

youre right woodchip, i asked the tech guys in pcw thought they might help but after 961 sayin daul core 2 was enough ill never go in again and ask

  GaT7 13:45 15 Jan 2011

Cubase doesn't need any special graphics card (GPU), so a standard dedicated one will do - these are only £20-30. But I agree with 961 about the rest.

The sound card needs to be 'ASIO compatible' (click here).

So in short, a PC with a:

1. Dual-core CPU - it's the minimum available these days
2. 4Gb RAM - it's cheap anyway
3. 500Gb hard drive - as anything lower costs almost as much
4. Good sound card

If the PC doesn't come with a dedicated GPU, it can be added for £20-30 if required.

Also see click here (although I think it's a little outdated) & click here. G

  avatar2011 14:42 15 Jan 2011

thanks crossbow7 just a found a computer but dont no what the ram is,its a intel dual core e6400 2.13ghz, 1066mhz fsb, ati radeon hd 3450 agp, 512mb ddr2 600mhz core 500gb hard drive windows vista dvdr/rw 8 usb ports and netgear wireless adaptor plus keyboard, mouse and 19" lcd moniter £50 would this do?

  GaT7 15:00 15 Jan 2011

Yes, should be OK, although you will have to get a suitable soundcard & enquire about the RAM. If no idea about the latter, request them to run the free CPU-Z click here & click on the Memory tab.

Odd that it has an 'AGP' GPU though?! Does the motherboard have any SATA headers?

Also make sure to get the original OS Vista disc along with the COA & Product Key. This is so you can reinstall Windows if needed.

I'd say it's worth about £120, so don't pay more than that. G

  avatar2011 17:08 15 Jan 2011

he said the hard was ide and it has 2gb ram, vista comes with disk,andhes not not sure on the motherboard thanks for help crossbow7

  GaT7 18:25 15 Jan 2011

That's fine, as you may be able to upgrade the RAM later if required. It should ideally be DDR2 spec rather than DDR/DDR1. Although the presence of the AGP GPU is telling me it's most probably the latter.

Ask them:

What does CPU-Z say under the Memory tab > Type?

And how many RAM slots does the motherboard have? This info will be available under the CPU-Z > SPD tab.

The motherboard details will be under the CPU-Z > Mainboard tab.

Don't worry about the SATA ports as this can also be upgraded later if required.

Please ensure that the original Vista COA & Product Key are also included, as without these it won't be possible to reinstall Vista. Also ask whether the Vista licence on this PC has been installed on any other PC. G

  Number six 22:39 15 Jan 2011

My brother runs Cubase (version4) on a Intel dual-core with 2GB ram, and it is fine. It really depends on how ambitious your cubase projects are likely to be. If you plan to use lots of tracks, VSTi's and plug-ins, then this may be not quite up to the job. As crossbow has said, a good quality sound card is essential. I would definitely register and post your queries on the cubase forums, they are very helpful with choice of hardware etc., although be prepared to be treated rather harshly if you dont bother to "RTFM"!!

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