Need help with computer fans.

  milton_71 13:28 18 Jul 2009

Hello my computer started overheating recently when i played a few games, the screen locked up completely and i had to do a full restart everytime it happened.
I was wondering what sort of fan i would need to keep my computer and the correct temperature, mine currently sits at 149f-155f when playing on a game which is terrible.

My computer is a packard bell J2412, Intel core 2 Duo e4500 @ 2.20GHz (2 CPU's)
And 2046mb ram.

Could anyone direct me to the sort of fan I would need to keep my computer at the correct temperature?


  milton_71 13:29 18 Jul 2009

Also my g card is NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS

  Devil Fish 13:37 18 Jul 2009

if it has started overheating recently (that is to say it was fine before)

i would suggest

first off check that none of the fans have failed

whilst doing that check the fans are not clogged up with gunk

and also check the heatsink on your cpu is free from gunk


to clean fans and heatsink grab a tin of air duster and give them a good blow out

if fans have failed replace them
case fans generaly come in 80mm or 120 mm flavours

or if cpu after market heatsink and fans are relativley cheap

hope this is of some help

  OTT_Buzzard 13:44 18 Jul 2009

I guess the first thing to do is to make sure that overheating is the cause of your problems. Programmes like realtemp (freeware) or Everest (download and install trial version) will give temps.

As for fans.....if it s the CPU overheating then set the fan speeds in BIOS. If the CPU fan is already running full whack then it's time to remove the heatsink, clean off the old TIM paste and apply new stuff.

From memory, the 8400GS cards are usually passively cooled so there's not much you can do there without a lot of faffing about.

For the case fans, it mostly depends on what case you have. Most are designed to take 80mm and or 120mm fans. The idea is to push cool air in from the front or side of the case and blow hot air out of the back. Looking at a picture of what I think is your PC (click here) it seems that you have a side vent that will take a 120mm fan to blow cold air over the CPU cooler.
There are a huge range of case fans available at varying prices. Some shift a lot of air and make a lot of noise, some don't do much but are very quiet. Some are a combination of the two.

  OTT_Buzzard 13:45 18 Jul 2009

Devil Fish is right....clean the CPU cooler before removing it!

  milton_71 14:07 18 Jul 2009

I just opened up my PC again and blew out all the dust, The g card fan is working and the main fan is working, The temperature currently while browsing the internet is 122f, Im going to go down to the town later and check out if there is any fans, I dont fancy running my computer with the heat constantly rising thats like trying to take off a plane without landing gear.

  OTT_Buzzard 14:17 18 Jul 2009

Hmmm. I don't think cooling fans are the answer to your problem.

50°C while browsing is very hot. What are your current fan speed settings for the CPU cooler? For an average temperature room you'd be looking at around 35°C - 40°C idle temp for your CPU.

Also, can you check what your CPU voltage is? Excess voltage will increase temperatures unneccesarily.

  milton_71 14:30 18 Jul 2009

How can i check the voltage and the fan speed settings?

  OTT_Buzzard 14:49 18 Jul 2009

click here

This is for the trial version of Everest Ultimate Edition. It isn't fully functional before registering it, but will still give enough information to get voltages & temps. It will also give fan speeds but not the 'plan' which they are using.

The way that the fans are set-up is usually available in BIOS.

  milton_71 17:08 18 Jul 2009

I dont know if this is the thing im looking for but is this it?

click here

  milton_71 17:09 18 Jul 2009

Opps wrong link.

This is the real one

click here

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