Need help choosing new pc for about £800

  superhoops 17:54 27 Oct 2006

If anyone has recently bought a pc/monitor combo for around £800 and would recommend the unit/ service received I would be grateful to hear of it. I have been looking for days on websites/PC World/ Evesham showroom and cant find the perfect pc. Perhaps its not available for my budget. What I want is 19" monitor, 250gb+ hard drive, pref 2gb ram but not essential, lightscribe if poss but not essential, a graphics card that will let me play Doom3, Fear etc smoothly, Media Centre operating system, tv tuner/remote. Any ideas anyone? Thanks in advance

  sean-278262 18:00 27 Oct 2006

I think you answered your own question in that you may be looking at a PC with too much expectation. Pare it back to the bare essentials for you. Do you need a tuner card? You can use your TV for now and get one later. Is there a use to you having MCE? If you can list the things you vitally need we can probably get you something to talk about.

  rotormota 18:33 27 Oct 2006


Hewlett Packard every time. Back up & support has always been excellent. For instance my new HP Media Centre PC mouse had a slight cosmetic problem within the statutory 28 day faulty goods period. It actually still works fine. I called their support & made it clear what the issue was fully expecting a 'No way' but within days I had received not only a new mouse but a new keyboard too as they come bundled together!

Do I hear Ebay calling?!


  GEEKSTA 18:50 27 Oct 2006

hi i have just bought one of these and built it myself : click here

  GEEKSTA 18:51 27 Oct 2006

^^^^^you can choose what you want in it ^^^^^^^^^

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