Need help to choose new portable computer

  techwr 07:16 29 Feb 2008

Hi all!

Here is my first post then...

I have spent several weeks now looking for a new portable computer that fits my needs, but instead of being able to continuously narrowing down which portable I should choose, I feel I just get more and more confused the more I read.

That is why I would be very happy if anyone in here could and would help to recommend me a good portable that fits my needs.

Here is a list of the things I am looking for in the machine I would like to buy:

Intel Dual Core >/= 2.0 GHZ
>/= 3 GB RAM
>/= 300 GB HD
DVD R+RW drive
Hi Fi sound card that supports 5.1 as well as 7.1
A graphic card that can run a game like the newest version of Civilization, which probably would be the most demanding game I would ever get to run on it.
Remote control.
USB and Firewire slots.
17" screen.
Weighing as little as possible with the above configurations.
As long battery time as possible.

I would be willing to pay up towards 4.000$ for such a machine.

I hope very much that someone here can and will help me find the right machine.

Any suggestions?

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