Need a header only on first page of word doc. Word 2007 Windows 7

  bpzoom 00:28 10 Jul 2011

Using advice on a 2008 forum posting I tried to stop a header on page 2 and subsequent pages as follows:- Scroll to the bottom of P1, Page Layout>Breaks>Section Breaks> Next Page. When I go down to the next section by scrolling down, and then delete the unwanted header on page 2, it removes the header from page 1 as well. I am missing something here. I can't see a way to go to the next section other than by scrolling down to it. Any change to the header on section 2 is replicated in section 1 i.e. page 1. Advice would be appreciated.

  AroundAgain 00:58 10 Jul 2011

My understanding of headers/footers is that they appear on every page. If you only want a 'header' on the first page, I would just type it straight into the document as I want it and not use Headers/Footers

  wiz-king 09:15 10 Jul 2011

View / headers and footers / and look for 'first page only' Not quite sure as I have got rid of Office and only use OpenOffice now.

  Crosstrainer2 09:28 10 Jul 2011
  BRYNIT 10:30 10 Jul 2011

If you just want the Header on the first page.

Open the header on the first page and delete all text.

On the disigner tab/options put a tick against Different first page. Everything typed into this header will not show on any other page.

  Taff™ 10:40 10 Jul 2011

Are you doing a letterhead or similar by chance? If so I find it easier to follow Brynit on this one and on the design tab tick different first page. Then close the header and footer and insert a page break so you have two pages. (Delete the page break later)

Now open the header / footer again and go to the header or footer on the second page and insert your second, (and subsequent) headers and footers - "Continued ..." for example and in the footer perhaps "Page x of y".

Close Header Footer and delete the page breaks and save the document.

  bpzoom 13:29 10 Jul 2011

Yes, it is a letterhead. Thank you all for your very helpful replies. I have produced a 3 page document with a header only on page 1. Why this should be so messy to do I cannot imagine. Thanks again.

  Taff™ 13:37 10 Jul 2011

Thought it might be. It's always been a pain since Office 1997! Glad you`re now sorted - a tick for resolved maybe?

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