Need a good second spyware

  Jade 14 G 16:30 09 Jan 2007

I have tried a lot of spywarer software mostly free but just read a review here that says free spyware often are sent in with spy ware to obtain details about you,
I have ewido trial but takes forever to scan but finds some every day, one is the same all the time 'euroclick'. adware worrys me as it came up with 81 spyware were ewido was 4.
Is is true that its better to pay and also what wouldbe the best spywarer,have always had two or three on pc

  Jackcoms 16:35 09 Jan 2007

I assume when you say you have have "tried a lot of spywarer software" you actually mean ANTI-spyware software?

Try click here for real time protection and click here as a spyware blocker

you will probably find a lot of the finds, particuley with ad aware are mainly are harmless tracking cookies i run click here before i scan and it only finds mru objects, i have used ad aware as a stand alone backup to norton and never had any problems

  Jackcoms 16:39 09 Jan 2007

To answer your other question:

"Is is true that its better to pay"

No, it isn't true.

  Jade 14 G 16:54 09 Jan 2007

Thanks, am sure l will find one from your links.
Also can l ask you something do you get sometimes half size screen adds on here as when l sent the message in l got this one, blocked bars at side and bottom, there was no way to get off so got task thing as l call it on and in the end l had to go off in restart but not a good way to get away from it, it has haappened a few times over the last few months,

i used to get one that scrolled down from the top, since i put norton back on dont get anything try to reconfigure you pop up blocker

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:14 09 Jan 2007

ewidois now outdated should now be replaced by AVG Antispy click here bottom of page

  Jade 14 G 12:32 10 Jan 2007

I forgot to say it had as have the trial now its with avg but it brought up 4 spyware and adware came up with 91 can't understand all that diference,

  Jackcoms 13:19 10 Jan 2007

"can't understand all that diference"

You could have 500 different anti-spyware programs on your PC and they'd probably come up with 500 different scan results.

That's because they each have different definitions of what is (or is not) malware/spyware and, thus, scan for different types of item.

  Belatucadrus 14:01 10 Jan 2007

Another point is that there are many perfectly respectable people supplying free anti spyware products, they are however outnumbered by the number of totally disreputable gits who will use false positives and scareware to get you to buy there worthless products. So any suggestion that a bought for product is generically better than any free one is just plain wrong, you need to be much more precise than that or you'll end up wasting your money on the proverbial pigs ear of a program.

  AB's 14:02 10 Jan 2007

Adaware se personal..
Spybot search & destroy...
AVG antispyware..
and i find "spysweeper" finds things others miss, [especially keyloggers] i dont think the free version is available any more though !

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