need a good screengrabber program

  Hachi-Roku 04:36 11 May 2003

hello! does anybody know of any good screengrabber programs that can actually take screenshots of video files as well seeing as using the normal print screen key doesnt allow that! would be nice if the program was free as well!

  y_not 06:35 11 May 2003

If what you are trying to do is print the screen then use the print screen button and then open a graphics programme or Word and paste.

The print screeen button simply prints to the clipboard - you then decide where to paste the clipboard memory.

Sorry if I've misunderstood what your asking


  -pops- 06:48 11 May 2003

Even if you do this successfully, you are likely to be very disappointed with the result. A single frame from a video sequence will be of very poor quality and definition - it is only when there is a rapid sequence of images, i.e. as in the video, that you get anything like a reasonable, discernable picture.

click here

click here


  Mango Grummit 06:49 11 May 2003

click here for ScreenHunter. It's free and very goooood!

Hope this helps.


  -pops- 06:51 11 May 2003

Also if you put "screen capture" into Google, it comes up with 1,340,000 entries.

One of these should suit your needs.

  Bagsey 08:20 11 May 2003

Go to click here for a copy of SRIP32 this will do the job. Freeware.

  cogla 07:09 17 Apr 2005

Mango Grummit
Last week a web friend and I were looking for an easy screengrabber
We tried Screenhunter as per your url

It is very good
We just mark out the rectangle and send it direct to file
There I modify with irvanview before picking it up in Photobucket, all takes about a minute
Thanks for the lead

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