need to get back to wondows from dos

  purdu 13:32 13 Jul 2004

Please help. Posting this request for my friend whose pc is effectively out-of-action... friend was surfing the internet when unwanted explicit pages displayed themselves on screen. Panic. Turned off pc. Mow when pc is switched on, windows flashes for a milisecond but then dos screen appears and wants a command instruction. DOS is unfathomable to us! How can we get back to windows 98? ... and how do we prevent unwanted pictures in future? Thanks in advance.

  VoG II 13:40 13 Jul 2004

Try typing


and press the Enter key.

  Smegs 14:03 13 Jul 2004

Hello Vog. Or try typing EXIT, then press enter. You will need a pop-up stopper.

  end 14:47 13 Jul 2004

???is this still happening???

am wondering why it did not tell you that you had "shut down your system incorrectly and that it needs to check your "C" drive for errors before restarting" ...which is what MINE does if I were to do what you say you have done and turned it off far too quickly without it " processing DOWN"....

am also wondering if something a bit more "sinister" has happened ( am not an expert but trying to look at it from the experience I have had with mine);

am also wondering wehther pressing the "esc" key would achieve anything......

  end 19:36 13 Jul 2004

and..have also wondered, if it iS in DOS,,,has a scan disc been run on it IN dos.....

??is it still stuck IN DOS or has any progess happened yet???????

  purdu 20:06 13 Jul 2004

Many thanks for these suggestions – unfortunately they didn’t help. Not even sure that we are actually stuck in dos… it’s almost as if we are in limbo between dos and windows – and yes, all seems a bit sinister!
Anyway, have now seen the computer for myself and the screen has this worrying information at the top:
PRI Master Disk HDD SMART capability disabled.
At the bottom of the screen is says:
Type the name of the command interpreter (e.g. C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND.COM)
Unfortunately, it doesn’t want to interpret anything we type in!
Any further ideas?
Thanks again.

  end 20:21 13 Jul 2004

not a lot!!!!(sorry!!) could try pressing ctr/alt/delete keys all at the same time and see what happens; if it brings up a window saying ANYTHING...( just a "stab in th dark"!!!)

although ( again with my inexperience!!), i THINK it sounds soemthing unhappily major...BUT...would be delighted to be proved WRONG!!!!!)....

???have you ataully seen what happens FROM SCRATCH with the thing????

??what does it actually DO or NOT do when it is switched on FROM "cold"...... try THAT and psot back for hopefully someone to cast their experienced eye over it and "crack the code".....

  purdu 20:31 13 Jul 2004

control/alt/delete brings up settings menus! All that CMOS stuff - another foreign language as far as I'm concerned!

will report any breakthroughs...

  keith-236785 20:35 13 Jul 2004

when the computer is booting up (just after the memory count screen), press and hold F8,(it could be CTRL, depending on the motherboard/age of pc) if and when you get a menu, choose safe mode. see if you can get into windows. if you can, shutdown & restart.

you may have to try this twice to clear the problem (it might not work but worth a go).

failing that, download a win98 startup disk from click here, write to a blank floppy.

put in the poorly computer and reboot. you should get a menu, choose option 2 and once loaded, type c:

then type win + enter

good luck

  end 20:36 13 Jul 2004

it SHOULD bring up the programs that are actually running at that point in time; so IF that actaully "works", then perhaps you could list here what it actally SAYS so that soenmone can see what is actally RUNNING on the system wehn it is seemingly "floating" somehere between DOS and windows.....

do post what is in that box so that the more experienced forum members can see whAT PROGRAMS are running, is a " starting point" I would suggest????

  end 20:43 13 Jul 2004

am wondering if purdu is even GETTING that screan; I have a feeling that he/she is NOT.....

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