Need to format a 60 GB hard drive

  wobblymike 17:55 16 Jan 2004

I have a 60GB drive which I want to format, when I try to fdisk and format in the normal way it only seems to see 32 GB of it. I think this is something to do with FAT 32. Can someone please advise me how do I flatten and the reformat this drive to use the full 60GB


  AubreyS 17:58 16 Jan 2004

This may be of use to you click here

  Legolas 18:53 16 Jan 2004

If you have an XP disk you can pop it in and boot from it and choose to format the drive using NTFS

  Legolas 18:59 16 Jan 2004

Another way is to use a Win98 boot disk to create and then format your partitions get it from click here

  Legolas 19:00 16 Jan 2004

Read this click here

  Quiller. 20:24 16 Jan 2004

Is this a new hard drive?

If so look for a 32gig limitation jumper on the back of the hard drive, remove it then fdisk.

  DieSse 23:01 16 Jan 2004

The problem you have is almost certainly that your system does not support drives larger than 32Gb (it could be a capacity limiting jumper - but this would be unusual to be fitted to a new drive, unless you have fitted it yourself!)

There are three ways around the BIOS 32Gb limit

An update to the BIOS (if there is one)

Use the drive manufacturers utility which overcomes the limitation (eg - Seagate Disk Wizard)

Buy a plug-in PCI IDE card, which has it's own BIOS without such a limit.

It's not a FAT32 issue - FAT32 can handle much larger partitions.

It's clearly not a Win2000/XP issue - as FDISK itself does not exhibit this issue.

  Quiller. 23:13 16 Jan 2004

Strange DieSse,

I received a new maxtor 80gig, retail box , from John Lewis two weeks ago. This had the 32gig limiting jumper enabled.

This is the second time I have seen this. The other was with an excellsor drive about a year ago.

All others, like you say, have not had the contacts enabled.

  DieSse 23:30 16 Jan 2004

I've never seen one in hundreds of drives - and I did say unusual - not impossible :o)

  Quiller. 23:32 16 Jan 2004


  Brian-336451 03:15 17 Jan 2004

Just partition the drive, load Partition Magic and that program will allow you to sort your problem.

My daughters PC came from what turned out to be a shady character on eBay. The 80Gb hard drive only had 32Gb showing.

I loaded PM8 onto it and sorted the lot out, creating partitions (80Gb is not efficient as one big drive as the file allocation sizes are so big)

You can format the non-booting partitions on-the-fly (ie without leaving windows) and bob's your uncle (or a close relative anyway) :-)

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