Need a favor from every one!!! plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  CutNpaste 16:57 08 Mar 2005

Hi everybody,
I've just nearly done my dessertation, but need to write an evaluation on the testing of my product. and its handin 2morrow.
The product is a website that contains a wizard called 'Letter Wizard'. And helps users write letters and emails and prints them them in the proper format. i havent finished it but its quite functional.

I would like a very big favour from eveyone here.
If yop could spare 2-3 minutes of your time and have a look at my site then reply in this post by leaving your feedback. If you think its 'crap' then please say its crap.
But i would mostly appreaciate it if you can give me feed backs on User interface design, functionality, usability and accessability. if you cant then its alright.

Link: click here

Username: testing
pasword: testing

Thank you very very much

  wallbash 17:29 08 Mar 2005

Not much of a letter writer, so found the experience a real pleasure, sorry cant help you much , It did the job . Well done

Ps , a spell check for us idiots is always appreciated .

  Forum Editor 17:42 08 Mar 2005

Not bad at all.

Functionality - fine.

Usability and accessibility - fine

Spelling and punctuation - poor.

You need to spend some time going through your page text to correct spelling and grammatical errors, of which there are quite a few.

I can't ever see this idea working by the way - there are too many confidentiality issues involved, and I doubt that many people would be prepared to commit private letters to someone else's server. Good luck with the dissertation though.

  CutNpaste 17:43 08 Mar 2005

Thanks, i was thinking of a spell checker, but didnt want to make the product too big, if u know what i mean. Thanks for ur feedback

  CutNpaste 17:51 08 Mar 2005

Very nice response!!
Yeah i agree with you with privacy issues. I had started this project earlier last year and was nearly done with , until early this year i lost all of my data from my hard drive (posted this here aswell) and had to start all over with proposal, initial, interim report and the design and developement. I rushed it and now hoping to score a better mark on the report.
Just one extra question. Do you think its a good idea to talk about the problem i had (losing data - because of HDD failure) in the dessertation?


  smudge101 18:35 08 Mar 2005

The site is very easy to use and well thought out.
The progression through the whole process is simple and easy to follow.
Some attention to detail (spellings etc) need to be looked at (I am aware these have been mentioned by other reviewers).
Possibilities for development:
1. Adding a spellchecker for the document before it is printed or emailed.
2. Adressing the activeX issue to make printing available for all users.
3. A print preview option when choosing the print layout.

Overall very useful and easy to use.

  CutNpaste 18:51 08 Mar 2005

Thanks for your feedback !!

very detailded response.

Tank you

  Forum Editor 19:45 08 Mar 2005

perhaps you should talk about your problem - and explain how you recovered from it. The marker may well be more kindly disposed toward someone who is honest about something like that, and it will demonstrate your problem-solving ability. Don't let a hint of "woe is me, I'm looking for sympathy" creep into it though - there's nothing worse.

It's a dissertation by the way, not a dessertation.

  anchor 15:03 20 Mar 2005

Useful spell checker when posting/replying in the forums.

click here

  Forum Editor 19:48 20 Mar 2005

and for the record........

the convention always used to be that you signed a letter "Yours sincerely" if you were writing to an individual - "Dear Mr. Jones"

"Yours faithfully" was primarily for business letters, when you are writing to an entity, not an individual. A business letter usually started with "Dear sirs," and ended "yours faithfully", even though it may have been intended for an individual within a company. In that case you would still have written "Dear sirs" but you would have added a line "For the attention of Mr. Jones" in the address.

Nowadays things are slightly less formal, and I'm glad of it. I spent years with "Dear sirs" and "Yours faithfully" and it's a pleasure to address (and be addressed) less stuffily these days. The important thing is to communicate, and to do it clearly. Adding silly lines like "I remain sir, your faithful servant" is thanfully a thing of the past.

I know you didn't ask for any of that CutNpaste, but you got it anyway.

I like your site - you've worked hard, and it shows. The site is clean, and easily navigated. Check your spelling carefully though - fields is spelt like that, not 'feilds'

  CutNpaste 00:39 21 Mar 2005

Thanks everybody for your feedbacks. It will really help towards my dessitation and hopefully on my demonstration i will show this thread again to my markers, as i've already handed in the report and the latest feedbacks could not be addressed.

Thank you

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