Need external HDD-compatibility with my PC?

  dune3 19:22 11 Jun 2005

I need an external HDD desperately; my PC shop mate says that with my existing system, he can only install another HDD of not more than 5 GB internally to the existing HDD & use the 2nd HDD as a slave to the primary HDD. Ideally I want a HDD of minimum 40 GB and above, therefore I think & hope I can use an external HDD plug n' play which will be compatible to my system which is as follows:
Packard Bell PC
IntelPentium 2 350 MHz
64 MB Ram Memory
56 kbps Modem
8 MB Video Memory
ATI Rage Pro 2X AGP
512 KB L2 Cache Memory
Currently using Windows 98
Can you brainy people out there please guide me as
to the purchase of an external HDD p n' p best compatible with the above system?

  dan11 19:33 11 Jun 2005

Is it windows 98se or 98 and do you have any usb ports.

If it is 98se and has usb. It is likely the usb ports are usb 1.1 and not the slightly faster usb2.0. If so you should be able to use an external hard drive, but transfer rates will be slower.

If it is windows 98, you may have a problem. I can not think of any external hard drive that run off that system. All I have seen need windows 98se.

You do have another option for an internal slave drive. If you fit a pci controller card ( about £10 ). The on-board bios will allow your system to use extremely large hard drives. Drives in excess of 120gig can be used.

  dune3 19:59 11 Jun 2005

Thanks for your input dan 11, it's windows 98 only, and I think I have 1 usb port left but I don't know if they are 1.1 or 2.0. If you're absolutely 100% sure about the PCI Controller Card, then I'll go for it, but will Bios re-settings not be needed & will the usb port 1.1 or 2.0 not make a difference whichever it is? Also would you please post me some website addresses where I can purchase a good quality PCI Controller Card? Thanks again.

  dan11 23:03 11 Jun 2005

Sorry I'm late in getting back, the kids ( big kids ) dragged me down to the pub. lol

these cards say they support win98 or 9X so they should be alright. click here click on the specs.
click here

The bios should not need reseting, you must load the drivers before you attach the slave drive. After that you just need to format the drive in windows and away you go.

e-mail sent. lol

  goonerbill © ® 09:55 12 Jun 2005

of the 2 links supplied by dan11, would suggest buying the pci card in the first link, as it is SATA and transfers/reads data quicker than the old IDE interface drives.

  dune3 18:49 12 Jun 2005

Thanks dan11 will follow your instructions and confer with a mate who works down the PC shop and see if he'll install the PCI con. card for me & the HDD. I have to rely on him as I'm not technical-minded at all; I've made a printout of the whole posting and will make him read it. Thanks loads, your help much appreciated.

  dune3 18:56 12 Jun 2005

"would suggest buying the PCI card in the first link", goonerbill, would you please explain what you mean in som detail, as you've completely lost me over this sentence, I understand the rest of it though; thanks for your assist too.

  dune3 19:22 12 Jun 2005

Sorry, goonerbill, I think I got your drift, I think you mean click on the first website of the two that dan11 has posted me, as you reckon that the first website's product will suit my PC's requirement better than the second website's product; if this true, please ignore my last posting to you. Apologies & thanks.

  dune3 16:55 13 Jun 2005

Guys, one more question? On the link which I received from dan11 they sell HDD's as well, but which second HDD should I purchase that will be also compatible with my system (see my 1st posting), the website sells IDE drives, SCSI drives, Serial ATA drives, as I mentioned before I am not at all technical-minded, & I would not like my mate from the PC shop to install a drive from his shop, as the shop he works for sells shoddy goods that go dodgy after some time, though the shop's installation expertise is good. So if I can purchase the PCI controller card & the HDD from that would suit me just fine. Many thanks in advance of your replies.

  dan11 17:16 13 Jun 2005


Any of these click here or these click here or these click here

  goonerbill © ® 10:17 15 Jun 2005

hi dune3. sorry been busy at work. if you decide to buy the PCI card in the first link that dan11 provided you will need to buy a hard drive from this list click here not the ones that dan11 has put links to in the posting above, as they are IDE/ATA/PATA and not SATA which is what you need to run with the card i suggested earlier. will also need one of these click here for each SATA drive installed. as for the size of the drive to fit, thats down to you depending on finance's. good luck on you upgrade.

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