Need to exchange Xbox 360 for a PS3

  julius44 08:08 20 Feb 2010

Good morning, any good advice will be much appreciated cousin has an xbox 360, with 2 controllers and 4 games, Pro evo 2010 and 3 others. He's now realised the inferiority of the xbox 360, and wishes to sell it or exchange with soem cash, and purchase a PS3 asap!!!! Does anyone know of any shops online websites where he can do this pls??? He doesnt want to sell it on ebay cos of all the hassle...he just wants to take it to any shops,...get an estimate and pay the difference to get a PS3. Any suggestions would be much appreciated pls.....he wants to play me online as ive got a ps3,!!!

  User-312386 08:58 20 Feb 2010

cash converters! You can also try a 'game shop" there may be a shop like game on your high street

  gengiscant 09:00 20 Feb 2010

Game certainly do here

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