need drivers

  hugoboss38 21:43 01 Oct 2012

im looking to download broadcom 4318 drivers has anyone got a clue where to get them from plz tried the site and can not find it

  tullie 21:54 01 Oct 2012
  Woolwell 22:05 01 Oct 2012
  hugoboss38 19:25 04 Oct 2012

yes it is

  Woolwell 23:07 04 Oct 2012

It may help to explain why you need the drivers.

  hugoboss38 18:16 06 Oct 2012

ive got myself a new wireless card that fits its a Atheros AR5005G ive found the item in my disk manager light comes on and can turn it off but still dont have wifi do i need to download the software as ive tried looking for it but with no luck can any of you guys help me out here

  Quiller. 21:56 06 Oct 2012
  Woolwell 22:09 06 Oct 2012

In device manager are there any yellow exclamation marks against the new wireless card? If none then you probably don't need a replacement driver.

Is your wireless setup finding the router? Have you inserted the password?

  lotvic 23:29 06 Oct 2012

Atheros AR5005G I wonder if you are having same problem as this ClickHere he got a driver from that worked

  hugoboss38 10:43 08 Oct 2012

i might be thinking its not a atheros wifi pc card now as ive just looked on the sticker and it says lite-on 802 11 mini pci wlan card model number WN2302A-F4 IF THATS THE CASE i need all the drivers to set this up on this laptop

  hugoboss38 10:49 08 Oct 2012

o and im running vista

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