Need to delete old web addresses

  Squidge 17:38 22 Apr 2003


I have been using my husbands laptop to look for hotels for a weekend away, but when I give it back to him he will be able to see where I have been looking to book which will ruin it all! Is there a way I can just delete a few addresses in the address bar without completely deleting all the sites he has ever visited? Help! Thanks!

  MAJ 19:09 22 Apr 2003

There is, Squidge, but you'll have to edit the registry. If you feel comfortable doing that, then backup first and navigate, using the little + signs to:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\TypedURLs

Clicl on that "TypedURLs" folder and it's contents will open in the right-hand pane. Right click on the URL of the hotels in that pane and choose delete. Exit the registry, re-boot your computer and those URLs should be gone.

You can delete *all* the URLs easier than that, but that would give the game away. ;-)

PS Have a nice time away.

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