Need Broadband with low ping

  raliy2k 18:19 13 Sep 2008

I have left two ISP in the last 2 weeks, due to high ping. I am an online gamer playing Call of Duty. I need help from anyone in England that are with an ISP with very low ping.

  citadel 19:47 13 Sep 2008

it depends on the distance you are from the exchange, the quality of the wiring to your house etc. all isps will be the same if these are poor.

  wolfie3000 20:57 13 Sep 2008

Citadel is right, i spent hours setting up my cables for broadband to get the lowest ping possible.

The distance from the exchange you cant do much about but you can make sure that your wiring is the best for gaming.

Make sure all your DSL filters are working properly, have some custom cable made so its the right length from the socket to your modem/router, use quality cable and check for any breaks or kinks in it,

It might even be the servers your going to that have the problems, try to use official servers and not private ones,

Private servers are often terrible for lag in games.

As for an ISP well im with AOL broadband 8MB and never had problems with high pings apart from the gaming server itself.

Also if you have Wifi make sure no one else is using it while gaming as this can increase your ping alot too.

  raliy2k 21:04 13 Sep 2008

I have been playing call of duty for the last 4 years and never had a problem up until now. My wiring quality and the distance from the exchange is not a problem, I am on 9MB connection.

I have done trace routes to many game servers throughout the UK and Europe, and to websites such as bbc and google. Again same problem.

  raliy2k 21:10 13 Sep 2008

Here are some of the trace routes I did for the game server:

RTMgaming: click here

BBC: click here

Google: click here

  raliy2k 21:13 13 Sep 2008

I have been on call with my ISP(O2 Broadband) technical Support for hours trying to fix this. They made a few changes such as; reducing noise level, upping my upload speed, giving me static ip address, and port forwarding.

I have been told by a couple of people to ask my ISP to re-route me, that could solve the problem. But my ISP told me they don't do that. And came to a conclusion that nothing more can be done.


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