need a basic P.C.

  polo 17:36 28 Jul 2007

My wife is needing a new computer. It would need to be a fairly basic one because she only types letters, does some scanning, plays games that do not demand much of the computer and uses the internet. She now has Windows 2000. I was considering one with half gb of ram and Vista home edition but from what I read that would be incredibly slow? So maybe she needs 1Gb of ram with vista home premium or maybe XP (but you don't seem able to get one with XP installed now). Because of her limited use of the computer she's not inclined to want to pay more than about £200 to £300. She only needs the base unit. Any advice would be welcome. Cheers

  brundle 17:39 28 Jul 2007

One of these should fit the bill; click here

  Strawballs 17:46 28 Jul 2007

You beat me to it but don't forget to add on for O/S from there and they will still do XP Home but you might have to phone to arrange that.

  Totally-braindead 17:47 28 Jul 2007

If you pick a Novatech PC and you want XP you can choose one without an operating system and buy a copy of XP Home OEM at the same time for about £60.
I'm struggling with a friends computer at the moment which is rather slow despite having 1 gig of memory but they do have onboard graphics using 256mb of it, leaving 700 and odd for Vista and it is rather slow.
If I was getting Vista then I would get at least 1 gig of memory and a seperate graphics card. Although if you go for the basic Vista it might be less of a problem.
Something like this would be ideal click here but I would put in a cheap £30 graphics card if using Vista.

  skidzy 18:34 28 Jul 2007

Just to further your options:
click here

Though from experience here at PCA and people i know,Vista HP really requires 2GB of ram especially if the Aero feature is enabled.

Though a gig will serve just fine for your use,i would recommend 2GB if your budget allows this.

  YAMA 23:13 28 Jul 2007

just go to pc world or dell great buy for well under £300.00.and that is a full pc yama,or get her a free laptop from pc world, just join orange for two years grat deal this one, ok yama

  woodchip 23:22 28 Jul 2007

Makro as a Medion in with a 17" LCD monitor £299 + VAT

  Stuartli 23:28 28 Jul 2007

If the PC is only required for basic computing, then XP is more than sufficient, certainly less hassle and will work with 512MB or 1GB of memory quite happily.

Plenty of base units at:

click here

for very reasonable prices.

  Stuartli 23:31 28 Jul 2007

The base models mentioned mainly come with XP Home or Pro and at least one with Vista Business.

  woodchip 23:32 28 Jul 2007

PS the Above comp is on offer on Wednesday

  polo 10:31 29 Jul 2007

Many thanks for all the responses. Sounds as though we'd best stick with XP but they aren't eeasy to find. Ebuyer have some good ones but all Vista.

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