Need asus Eee pc 1215n disassembly guide

  WhiteTruckMan 20:51 22 Mar 2012

I find myself having to replace the power socket for an asus Eee Pc 1215n netbook. I've tracked down the part, but I'm struggling to find a disassembly guide for the machine. I'm reluctant to go into the machine blind. I will if all else fails, but would appreciate knowing in advance what I'm going to be walking into.

The nearest machine I have managed to find one for is a 1008, but thats not the same, going off the position of the case screws (there are none visible on the 1215).

Mr Google isnt being very forthcoming I'm afraid. Anyone got any pointers?


  sidecar sid 21:09 22 Mar 2012

Youtube may be your friend.

  robin_x 21:19 22 Mar 2012

Normally I search like this.

Most are called service or maintenance, guides or manuals. And 99% are pdfs.

Also worth searching youtube 1215 diassembl. (covers disassemble and disassembly)

Sorry I didn't see your exact one on my travels. Have fun.

  robin_x 21:22 22 Mar 2012

Or Sid's link is good.

Pick a common topic.

How to replace HDD or keyboard on Asus 1215.

  WhiteTruckMan 20:06 23 Mar 2012

Doh! Youtube, of course! Not a site I associate with tech manual type stuff. Obviously an oversight on my part, and something I'll have to bear in mind.

Thanks, generally for the pointer as well as the specific.


  robin_x 20:23 23 Mar 2012

It was a revelation to me too till I knew. Have a good search. Post back if you get stuck.

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