Need aid in watching the BBC et al in Saudi Arabia

  Triprajul 15:00 27 Aug 2010


I am in Canada now on vacation but I live most of the year in Saudi Arabia with my wife. Life there is OK but watching TV there can be a pain. Can’t watch up-to-date British, American or Canadian TV programs because we live overseas. Can’t change our IP number because the Saudis got all the sites where you can do that blocked. While in Canada, can I download any software off the Internet that I can use in Saudi Arabia to help me watch up-to-date programs on the BBC or American or Canadian channel websites. Please note that I do not want to use this info to download any possibly inappropriate in the Kingdom like porno. Unfortunately, I can get all the porno I want in Saudi Arabia but getting the latest TV shows from the UK, Canada or the US is far more difficult. Any advice given is greatly appreciated.

  mgmcc 15:18 27 Aug 2010

For Licensing/Copyright reasons, streamed TV in the UK is only available to UK residents, i.e. those connecting with an IP address from a UK ISP. Using a UK based Proxy Server might let you circumvent this restriction. Similarly, try US or Canadian based Proxy Servers for their TV.

  PC840 21:10 27 Aug 2010

Is this any good?

click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:29 27 Aug 2010

TV catch up will not work outside our Sceptre'ed Isle..... click here


  Paddylad 21:47 27 Aug 2010

I've done my time there too and suffered the restraints of the Saudis. I did however have a good moveable aerial to pick up Doha, Dubai TV and others. All Aramco was good for was 10-pin bowling. It's near impossible to help you but the least I can do is sympathise. Good luck to you.

I was an aircraft weapons instructor in Technical Studies Institute in Dahran in the early 80s.

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