Need advice on setup

  inneedofhelp 23:02 14 Apr 2004

I have recenlty upgraded my pc (Specs below) and I am expericing a 'minor' problem.

I recently downloaded the benchmark program 3Dmark03 and gained a score of appox 690. This to me seems quite slow taking into account a specs below. The only thing that I can think of is that my graphics card isnt up to scratch, or perhaps the motherboard,although these are quite new aswell.

Please can you suggest what I could do in order to increase my score and all round performance.

ASROCK K7S8X motherboard
AMD ATHLON XP 2700+ (2.7GHz)
768 MB RAM (256 DDR PC2700 + 512DDR 266MHZ,PC2100)
3D PROPHET 9200 SE 128MB

  User-312386 23:06 14 Apr 2004

that score is awful

i score in the region of 860-870 on my AMD ATHLON XP 2200(1.8ghz)

Is all your RAM ok? why a 2700 and a 2100?

Another question: How did you get your AMD ATHLON XP 2700+ to run at 2.7ghz?

  inneedofhelp 23:11 14 Apr 2004

i originally had 256mb at that spped then bought the 512 at the other speed thinking when i get the cash i will buy more ram att he higher speed!. the cpu speed, i shoudl clarify this, it actuallt runs at 2112ghz, my bad. Do u think i might be the graphics card bringing me down or the motherboard. The board has no on-board graphics. wot u think

  User-312386 23:16 14 Apr 2004

motherboard looks ok and also card looks ok

what programmes do you have running when carrying out your benchmark tests?

  User-312386 23:20 14 Apr 2004

forgot to say

is the graphics card AGP or PCI?

Is the AGP enabled in the BIOS?

  inneedofhelp 23:27 14 Apr 2004

graphics is agp 8X enabled in bios
when i run the test, nothing is running, well the BARE essentials.
i jsut dont understand it, ive once managed, after overclocking the cpu, the video card, formatting the ram and tweaking the graphics card, it got 1010, but my system wasnt too stable. agghhhh

  dez fowler 23:36 14 Apr 2004

A few points about your set up are going to affect your score...

Is your processor running at the correct speed? Did you check the motherboard's manual for jumper settings for that particular processor?

The "256 DDR PC2700 + 512DDR 266MHZ,PC2100" will cause you problems in that all your RAM is forced to run at the lower speed.

Your graphics card is probably the biggest stumbling block however as it can make a big difference to a 3DMark score. That particular one is a budget model which uses cheaper RAM and has a lot of technology missed out compared to the high end models. Having said that you could find that if you install the latest motherboard chipset drivers and graphics card drivers the score will improve.

3D Mark used to have a feature which allowed you to submit your score and compare it with the scores of people with similar systems. I'm not sure whether it still has this but if so that's a good place to look to determine whether your system's under-performing or not.

p.s. 8 fans?!?! that's just silly

  inneedofhelp 09:59 15 Apr 2004

the jumpers are correct, i checked the manual and all ok. Regarding the ram, as above, i bout the higher speed thinking that when i have more cash, i will buy new stuff att he higher speed and get rid of the 256 att he lower speed.
I think your right when you say my graphics card is the block here. I recently went into a shop and they were running the bencmark program with a radeon 9800 and they were managing amazing framerates, even though the rest of the system was no-where near mines. I just want to get as much advice as i can before I purchase one because at £200, they aren't cheap!
Do u really think,assuming that all my ram was at the higher speed, would make a difference. Should I remove the slow 256 and just keep the quick 512. I think I might try this!

  inneedofhelp 10:02 15 Apr 2004

regarding my last comment, scrap that , the 512 is at the lower speed, so that wont help(doh)
do u think I higher speed ram, say 1gb ddr pc2700 would make a big differnce, or would the vidoe card make the biggest difference. I think the video card will!

  byfordr 10:40 15 Apr 2004

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If not the 9600 pro for £60 is pretty good value!

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  inneedofhelp 13:29 15 Apr 2004

I think a new graphics card is in order then. I fyou guys have any other ideas, give me a shout. I may upgrade my ram, but I dont really think i will get that big a return, however if u can prove me wrong, then by all means do.

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