Need advice from a serious gamer!

  [email protected] 11:10 05 Apr 2003

I am about to buy a Mesh Matrix 3000 Xtreme.Would you consider a TFT or CRT the best for Flight Simulation and of the two which would be the best? and would you consider the Radeon 9700Pro to be better/worse/as good as the top nVidea TI48 series. Thanks

  powerless 11:18 05 Apr 2003

TFT and CRT only you can decide, by looking at the models offered. We all have different tastes...

Radeon 9700 pro is much much much much better than the Ti 4800.

  [email protected] 11:27 05 Apr 2003

Correct about the taste but unless you can actually see them side by side its not easy to chose.Its just I have read somewhere that a lot of the TFT's are best suited for office work and to save space! so just wondered if gamers have found one to be better than the other. It would also appear the image degrades a bit unless you are looking straight at them. Your comments appreciated about the card. Thanks.

  powerless 11:39 05 Apr 2003

Response Time - If you know what TFT monitor, model etc then you could go to the website and find some information on response time.

Not sure how to word this but the the shorter, lesser the time the better. For Example 30ms.

Pixel Pitch - Again smaller the better for image quality. For Example 0.26mm would be better than 0.28mm.

  [email protected] 11:47 05 Apr 2003

I've been collating some much info on spec it begins to be hard work! If there is absolutely no difference between a TFT and a CRT with the same spec then obviously the space-saving has to be a good idea, but is it that simple. If the answer that that is Yes then my problem is solved.

  BrianW 12:05 05 Apr 2003

I use a 17 inch TFT with both FS2002 and FSCombat. Very pleased with the result but I strongly suggest you have a look at different makes before buying. I am very impressed with the new Hercules screen but know that others have had very good reviews recently. (I'm using a Phillips 170B2, which has a slow switch rate compared to more recent offerings)

  [email protected] 15:35 05 Apr 2003

Mesh Matrix "bundle" comes with a Mits 19" CRT but is upgradeable with various size NEC TFT and SHARP TFT.Of course all these things are a matter of personal choice but here in France we dont have Hypermarkets like PC World etc where you can stand and compare and even discuss specs (Perhaps in the big cities but not here in very rural Normandy!).I have to rely on what I read in UK PC mags and what I can find on the net. Really all I wanted to know was is there a difference between "flying" in my case, on a TFT or a CRT. If not, then the matter is resolved. The problem only raised its head when a serious gaming package was offered with a 19" CRT, as though they still had the edge over a TFT.

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