Need advice before paying more money

  Pleasehelpme 15:37 01 Nov 2010

I've read so much going one way or the other... am still confused. Here's the deal... we paid all this money to create a website (click here)
... but I see search engines don't recognize it. I look at the source code on home page, and it seems that the meta information is not congruent with that search engines like Google or Yahoo would identify. This meta info seems important to the search recognition process. So, we tell website developer we want search engines to recognize our site, and after we've already paid so much money, we're now told there's all these extra costs for this SEO. I feel like, why have a website if search engines no see it... isn't this something that should come with development of the site? How important are these meta tags? If important, how difficult is it to correct them for search engine recognition? Shouldn't this be part of the site development process in first place? Can someone look at our source code on homepage and verify that it is not optimal for recognition, or tell me I'm wrong, because I may very well be. Your advice is needed and appreciated... don't want to spend more money if I don't have to... and this, pay per click, service they want to charge us for... that seems fraught with peril too. Am I wrong? Please let me know.

  Forum Editor 17:20 01 Nov 2010

for SEO services, it's not necessary. Google will find your site all on its own and will list it without any help from anyone.

Tell me about "this pay per click, service they want to charge us for"

What's all that about?

  Forum Editor 17:20 01 Nov 2010

from Consumerwatch to our webdesign section.

  Pleasehelpme 20:03 01 Nov 2010

Actually, you can bypass that countdown by clicking the register button, going to that page, and then returning home and the clock disappears... but ... I think I got the answer I needed... which wasn't a good answer... but I've learned a lot since I posted this message today. Thank you to everyone here.

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