need advice on back up...

  Magik ®© 07:09 02 Sep 2005

hi, about a year ago I bought a laptop, last week is started to play up, rang the maker and they said the would pick it up and have a look, they came next morning, I was delivered back to me yesterday, now to the point....I have all the disks for reinstalling everything, well, i did till i got it back.....all the progs now have all the latest versions in there, plus bits i have no idea about and the bios thingy is totally there anything out there that i could buy so that the whole lot could be put on a external HDD inc the OS..then if the need arose I could put it all back like it is now.

sorry if that was a bit long


  handful 07:43 02 Sep 2005

Magik ®©
You need either Norton Ghost click here or Acronis True Image click here. Both will do as you want and opinions vary as to which is the best. I use Ghost and find it very easy but True Image seems to be more widely liked by users of this forum.

  Magik ®© 07:45 02 Sep 2005

thanks for that, I will look into them to-day.

  sattman 07:52 02 Sep 2005

The ideal situation is to create a image of the drive, you could do this now with the clean machine and retain it if ever you wanted to get back to this same position. In addition you would be wise to create periodic images as your working backup.

It is much safer to create these backups on a seperate drive or device.

click here

click here

  Magik ®© 08:14 02 Sep 2005

thanks, just had a look at acronis and it does not mention XP, and what do they mean by back up "online"..........

  dave_and_confused 08:29 02 Sep 2005

just had a look at acronis and it does not mention XP, and what do they mean by back up "online"..........

Where did you read that?

I'm using Acronis True Image on Windows XP and store the images on a seperate hard disk.

What did you read and where?

  Magik ®© 08:33 02 Sep 2005

hi, it was on "handful's" second link..

  Magik ®© 08:37 02 Sep 2005

here is the bit

Online system disk backup and instant bare-metal system restore

  dave_and_confused 08:43 02 Sep 2005

I think they are using the term Online to mean the PC (well the disk) is still on and operational whilst you are backing up (well Imaging) the PC. As oppossed to an offline where the disk has to be stopped and imaged.

It doesn't mean backing up on the internet or anything like that.

  Magik ®© 08:48 02 Sep 2005

thank you, I am going to buy it to-day, then i will be all sorted.......nothing like shutting the stable door after the horse has gone walkabout....

  dave_and_confused 08:52 02 Sep 2005

You can do but there is a 15 day trial available.

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